Founders of CoD WWII developer Sledgehammer Games leave the studio

Coming off the successful Call of Duty WWII, the directors and founders of the depart the studio for publisher roles.

Fable Fortune leaves Early Access this week

After seven months in early access, the Fable based card game goes fully free to play this week.

Xenoblade Chronicles New Game Plus mode delayed

After a critical bug was found, the patch faces a near two-week delay into the next month.

10 Giant enemies we won’t soon forget

Who says size doesn't matter? Here are some giant enemies that make you feel quite insignificant.

Twitch Plays Pokémon celebrates four years of agony and triumph

This year's anniversary stream takes players back to the start, except this time with company.

Let it Die reaches a spooky four million downloads

Uncle Death's grace, flair and unequivocal coolness are known to a good amount of folks.

Two new Kingdom Hearts III trailers right out of D23

A new world, new theme song, new story scenes and finally a progress update. It is a Disney+Square Enix miracle.

Into the Breach comes from the FTL team this month

After five years in the pipeline, the Kaiju vs Mecha SRPG comes at the tail end of February.



Review: Dragon Quest Builders (Switch)

Sometimes you just need to build those blocks.

MGS 5’s Secret Ending is achieved through error

After two years of working towards disarmament, the ending appears through an error.

Yakuza 6 faces a month-long delay

To make up for the delay, players can expect a demo at the end of the month.

CS:GO weapon skin sells for over $60,000

A signed "Dragon Lore" skin has broken the bank.

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