New documentary series covers Final Fantasy XIV

Danny O'Dwyer gets members of the original team to discuss the triumphant comeback of Final Fantasy XIV.

First gameplay footage of The Lost Child arrives

Get ready for dungeons, mystery and questioning locals for leads.

Fire Pro Wrestling World grapples Early Access in July

Fire Pro Wrestling World is bringing the deathmatch back to the ring.

Friday the 13th gets free DLC and double XP weekend

Get your NES-inspired Jason outfit for free out of the blue

Project Rap Rabbit Kickstarter has failed

The collaborative project between Parappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man creators ends after a poor Kickstarter campaign.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 details emerge from E3

E3 2017 did not have a lot of big surprises. Overall it was a lot of what had been seen before or known entities. Yet Ubisoft dropped a huge bomb by ending their conference with Beyond Good & Evil 2. Despite initial reports stating the game would be a no-show, it turned out Ubisoft “changed their minds”. Beyond Good & Evil 2 was finally shown to the world, or at least a CG trai...

Sony provides defence for refusing cross-play

Sony wants to protect your children from the evils of online, or something.

15 gorgeous minutes of Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ might just be the dream Dragon Ball game for many a fan.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm brings some Backtalk

Before the Storm brings Chloe's new "Backtalk" ability and Ashly Burch is not reprising her role.

E3 2017: PC Gaming Show

Everything from the E3 PC Gaming Show, just for you.

A Way Out will not feature online matchmaking

Players will have to have a buddy on the couch or one online to play A Way Out.

“The Mummy Demastered” announced by WayForward

Is this the return of the movie tie-in game movement?

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