Livestream: Time for the squad to head back to school

First class is shotguns. The second class is grammar or something.

Star Wars Battlefront II gets its first big update

Battlefront II's first patch will stop you getting stuck on things and Rey's lightsaber works properly.

Zombies are coming to Rainbow Six Siege Year Three

Get ready for a zombie outbreak, but only for a few weeks.

Livestream: Military Base Monday is back

Make your Monday better with some people shooting at Dave.

EA tells investors turning off microtransactions won’t affect earnings

EA says it will not have "a material impact."

Looks like there might be another Planescape Torment in the works

What is Planescape: Unraveled and should we start celebrating CRPGs right now?

Livestream: The padawan has become the master

Let's start that long grind toward a hero unlock, shall we?

Star Wars Battlefront II may be banned in Belgium

The Belgian Gaming Commission is investigating if Battlefront II is gambling.

Livestream: Buckle up for some more PUBG action

Time for some chicken? Maybe in the desert? Why would you want chicken there?

Livestream: Assassin’s Creed: Origins time and a chance to win a nice hamper

It is time to travel around Egypt, maybe climb up a pyramid or steal a commander's nice sword.

Livestream: PUBG is back in full force

Missing the PUBG? Never fear, Dave is vaulting into action.

Video: The Fox Hole – Blooper Reel

Watch Dave fall over his words, some names and drink too much wine (water, we were told).

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