Livestream: We are playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [Finished]

Can Dave make it to number 1? Can he even make it out of the loading screen, more like :P

Video: Check all of Terminator 2: Judgment day’s best scenes recreated in GTA V

What do you mean you weren't planning on watching Terminator today?



Review: Black Ops 3: Zombie Chronicles (PS4)

Some of the most classic zombie maps in Call of Duty history have risen from the dead to steal your time away once more.

A game with over 4,000 achievements has launched on Steam

Do you want achievements? Do you like vodka and bears?

Video: EA Motive sheds some light on the story of Star Wars: Battlefront 2

After Star Wars: Battlefront's lack of content, it seems Battlefront 2 will try to fix that.

Livestream: We are playing Zombie Chronicles (PS4) [Finished]

Dave is out all alone against hordes of zombies.

Livestream: We are playing Zombie Chronicles (PS4) [Finished]

Friday becomes much better when zombies get their heads shot in. Or when Dave dies to zombies. Either way, we win.

Video: Fancy a duel? Check out Quake Champions new duel mode

One on one action with a roster of three champions. Prepare your friendship for a tough time.

Video: Take a look at Middle-earth: Shadow Of War’s open world

An army needs a lot of space to move in. Shadow of War has a much bigger open world.

Livestream: Zombie Chronicles (PS4) [Finished]

Time to kill those zombieeeeeees! Join us as we try to survive the horde.

Video: Fill your headshot meter with this Zombie Chronicles launch trailer

Pop heads off of zombies in a community challenge for free goodies.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds latest patch details

Bluehole patches the battle royale to improve FPS while in vehicles and punish lag switching cheaters.

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