Video: Farcry 5 blooper reel

Script? Where we are going we don't need scripts.

Video: Take a look at the Far Cry 5 co-op and arcade mode

Want to win stuff? Want to know more about arcade and co-op, or just like hillbilly Dave?

Livestream: We are giving away a PS4 copy of Far Cry 5 on the stream come win

Come enjoy the man who thinks stealth missions means grenades.

Video: Famous CS map de_dust2 brought to life in Far Cry Arcade

There is a little Counter-Strike in Far Cry 5 now, thanks to arcade map creators.

Livestream: Let’s check out those new PUBG weapon skins

So much chicken you will need a bucket.

PUBG celebrates its first birthday with a free skin

Weapon skins totally improve your chances of winning.

Livestream: It’s time to light up Monday like a Christmas tree

Is the chicken dinner bigger when a squad wins it?

Video: Take your first look at the battle royale mode in Dying Light

Time for some Bad Blood as you try to survive against zombies and other players.

PUBG is getting timed events in the form of the Event Mode

Squads of eight and double the crate!

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