The Star Wars Battlefront season pass is now free

One last hurrah for Battlefront before Battlefront 2 arrives.

Livestream: Back to School Wednesday

Time for Dave and his pink shirt to show us how to survive at school.

Video: Welcome back to the Fox Hole: Episode 2

We will fight them on the beaches, we will kill them from our pillbox.

Star Wars: Battlefront II beta details possibly leaked

Crush the resistance on Theed, trooper.

Live Stream: Military Base Monday returns – PUBG time

Time for some chicken today. Or a mouthful of lead at the military base.

Video: Hunt: Showdown gets a new video detailing its level design

With no scripted events and randomly positioned enemy spawns, Hunt: Showdown is going to keep you on your toes.

Video: As a first time Destiny player, here is what Dave likes most about Destiny 2

It looks like Dave had a sip of that Destiny kool-aid, and now the thirst has him.

Livestream: Feel the wrath of my Titan, Destiny 2 is live

Time for some Destiny 2, and veteran guardian Charlie joins Dave to explain the way of chicken di~ The Light.

Video: Middle-earth: Shadow of War gets a tribe of Orc Ninjas

Filthy stealthy orcs, you don't want to fall into their shadowy path.

Killer Instinct on Steam will get cross-play between Windows 10 and Xbox One

Get ready for the combo breakers going cross-platform.

Oceanic area is getting PUBG servers, could we be next?

With other regions getting servers to give players a better chance, a little hope creeps in.

Livestream: We are streaming Destiny 2 and giving away a copy of the game

Happy Destiny 2 day everyone! The game is finally out today and I am sure there are many Guardians out there that called in sick today to get some quality time in with Destiny 2. To celebrate the release of Destiny 2 we are doing a livestream all morning long and if you haven’t got a copy of the game just yet you can win one on the stream. That’s right a copy on the platform of your ch...

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