Livestream: Let’s smash this Monday in the face with a pan

Chicken is a great source of protein, along with some filthy cheaters.

Video: Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets new Blacksmith trailer

War is coming and you better be ready to defend your kingdom.

Livestream: Fridays wouldn’t be the same without some glorious PUBG action

Some say Dave can't die from bullets because he has so much lead in his system.

EA is thinking about a Battlefield battle royale

EA also wants a game about 100 people on an island scrounging for weapons.

Livestream: PUBG is back ladies and gentleman

Time for some chicken or a face full of lead.

Microtransactions returning to Battlefront II

EA is ready to turn on the pay to progress system of Battlefront II in March.

Here are your Metal Gear Survive PC system requirements

With specs requirements like these, at least your PC will survive.

Live stream: In the desert with Assassin’s Creed: Origins

What happens when you are too low level for quests? You die terribly.

Video: Vampyr’s latest dev video looks at the game’s music

When you stalk the streets of London, you need a badass cello accompaniment.

Livestream: It’s the weekend baby

Some chicken for the weekend? Let's eat protein!

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