Capcom’s Vancouver team drops mobile game to return to Dead Rising series

The mobile game is dead and an old classic is rising



Blast from the Past: Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)

This is what happens when Mario eats an 8-Bit mushroom on a 16-Bit console

Housemarque’s new game could be a battle royale game

Money talks as BS walks, as they say

Free Games Vrydag: Yakuza 6 (PS4)

Stand the chance of winning Yakuza 6

Your Games with Gold in May are old but gold

Sneak, punch and shoot your way to a home run in May

Video: You want Dog of War? You got it

Every dog has his day

Life is Strange developers in talks with major publisher for two new titles

DONTNOD has come a long way and could soon play a bigger part in the industry

God of War – A Trip Down Memory Lane

To understand Kratos' future, you have to know his past

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