Video: Mitsurugi flaunts his moves in Soul Calibur VI showcase

Like tea and biscuits or coffee and doughnuts. The just can't have Soul Calibur without this guy.

THQ Nordic acquires Koch Media

Dead Island, Saints Row and Metro have been picked up by the Austrians.

Nintendo Switch to get Subsurface Circular next month

Mike Bithell surprisingly ports his mystery-solving indie game to Switch.

Sea of Thieves will sail swimmingly even on the ricketiest of rafts

Everyone will be able to play Sea of Thieves, even on a scientific calculator.

Multiplayer mechanics detailed for Code Vein

You will be able to request assistance from others to ensure your efforts aren't in vein.

Read up on what happens after the events of Dishonored 2

The story continues for the stealth action-adventure through beautifully crafted illustrations.

Destiny 2 to revert Nightfall events as per Destiny 1

Apparently, Destiny 1 made da ting go skrrrrrrraa way better than Destiny 2



Review: UFC 3 (Xbox One)

Get ready to drop some fools to the mat.

Co-op infestation action coming to Rainbow Six Seige

Tired of shooting at other people in PvP? Ubisoft's got that covered.

Retro-style brawler Raging Justice is coming to PC and consoles

The guys that brought us Killer Instinct made a brawler that tickles the nostalgia bone just right.

Indulge in ‘The Diaries of Agent Silent Death’ in the next Wolfenstein II DLC

Chapter 2 of the Freedom Chronicles DLC is out today and encourages stealthy Nazi infiltration.

SEGA to publish a ‘narrative driven’ game developed by Interior Night

Ex-Quantic Dream design lead establishes a new studio and partners with SEGA on a new IP.

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