Playground Games acquires talent from other well-known franchises

The studio that brought us Forza Horizon dreams big and acquires the talent to make it a reality.

Splatoon 2 is doing Black Friday a bit differently

New maps, new modes a higher level cap and more are coming to Splatville.

It’s hammer time! Play as Thor in Amon Amarth

Rock out with your hammer out with Swedish band's mobile game named after them, Amon Amarth.

Need more platforming in your life? Well, Iconoclasts might just sate that hunger

The Metroid styled platformer by solo developer Konjak is nearing completion, and it looks good.



Review: Snipperclips Plus (Nintendo Switch)

Snipperclips Plus brings us more cooperative puzzles with new ideas and fresh cuts for hours couch co-op fun.

Step into Hell with The Exorcist: Legion VR

If you own a VR setup and are having trouble with bowel movements, then this is for you!



Review: Super Lucky’s Tale (Xbox One)

Coins aplenty, puzzles to ponder over, and playful characters set in colourful worlds. Sounds like a good recipe, right?

Guillermo del Toro to view gameplay of Death Stranding soon

So, Kojima finally has something to show, wonder if we'll get to play the game by 2022...

We get a look at the new Desert map for PUBG

Battle royale over sprawling sand dunes and camping between craters anyone?

Video: Rocket League Nintendo Switch launch trailer

Soccer players, Start your engi... erm... Lace up your whee... hmm... Fain an injury!

Apparently System Shock for the Switch is still a thing

Seems the Switch build for the 1994 classic by Looking Glass is slowly getting there.

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