The Avengers collaboration with Fortnite is imminent

The hype train is chugging along strong, and now Epic Games is onboard, again.

Hack and slash adventure game Ninja Gaiden II gets enhanced on Xbox One

Ryu Hayabusy will be slicing and dicing foes at higher resolutions as it gets added to the list of backward compatible games.

Ashly Burch returns to voice Tiny Tina in Borderlands 3

The odd and lovable bomb expert makes a comeback and so does her multi-talented voice actor.

Fortnite borrows from Apex Legends with a Reboot Van

So, just do what others are doing and, voilà!



Review: Borderlands Remastered – Game of the Year Edition (Xbox One)

A hootin' tootin' return to Pandora with crisper visuals for the cult loot 'n shooter definitely gets any fellow vault hunter smiling from ear to ear as they relive the tale, 1 million weapons at a time.

It looks like the Octopath Traveler debut on PC is concrete

The Korean ratings board has been pretty on-the-nose with their leaks before, so this seems highly likely.

The Burning Question: Steam vs Epic Games Store – is this good or bad for gaming?

Will this lead to good things, or will it crash to an unwanted end?

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is now available on Steam

Flailing, floppy fists of fury and wobbly artillery units on a battlefield resembling a drunken brawl at your local pub. Yes. Yes please.

The Outer Worlds new gameplay footage premiered at Pax East

Good guy Obsidian discovers some hilarious bugs while developing features and kept it in. Nice one.

All aboard the Borderlands hype train!

Vault hunters! Get ready to loot and shoot again. Soon-ish.

10 iconic modes of transport from video games

Ladies and gentlemen. Start your... engines?



Review: Crackdown 3 (Xbox One)

A lot of Terry Crews, not enough innovation and refinement.

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