Planning to play Forza 7 in 4K? We hope you have a lot of bandwidth

Your internet speed will have to be as fast as a Porsche if you plan to play in 4K.

These SALES are positively delectable!

Get your bib, there is a full buffet at the moment.

The Uncharted world might not be finished just yet

Even if we won't witness the sweet haircut of Nathan Drake again, the universe of Uncharted might not be over just yet.

Get the first episode of Hitman for free

You can now try to be a silent assassin for the low low price of nada.

Anthem is getting a 10 year plan as well

EA is going to be supporting Anthem until we have flying cars and Apple sells us iShoes.

Expecting to see Halo 6 soon? Don’t get your hopes up

Excited for the return of the Chief? Don't get too excited, he isn't ready to say Halo just yet.

Come get your long weekend SALES!

It's time to kick back and game and we got the deals for you.

There might still be hope for Brutal Legend 2

Tim Schafer gives us a little hope that we might be shredding killer solos and blasting tunes while ramping off a guitar mountain again.

E3 2017: Sony conference

Sony played it safe this year but still arrived with a powerful line-up.

Minecraft would have had cross-play with PS4, but Sony refused

Microsoft is seeking to unify Minecraft players on all platforms, but Sony is being difficult.

SALES time is happy time!

Possibly not as exciting with E3 almost upon us, but hey. SALE time!

Video: The Shadow of War story trailer encourages you to build an army

It's time to lay the smackdown on the Dark Lord.

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