IO Interactive facing layoffs following Square Enix departure

The Hitman developer is feeling some tragic effects of the departure from Square Enix.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed to 2018

We'll have to wait a bit longer to shoot bandits in the face and plant dynamite on trains.

Nintendo Japan is asking $5 for an empty Splatoon 2 box

Come and get your piece of cardboard for a low low price.

Free Games Vrydag winner feels no Injustice

Who will be the lucky winner? Who will punch Superman right in his pretty face?

Wallet looking sad? We got some SALES for you!

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Gwent will be moving to open beta very soon

Now anyone can play a quick game of Gwent.

Netflix is making a TV series based on The Witcher

Geralt will be making a scene on the small screen.

The official response to a sequel to the Thief reboot is ‘forget it’

Were you excited for Thief 5? The head of Eidos Montreal is here to squash your hopes.

Rumour: The Legend of Zelda might be heading to mobile soon

There's a possibility that Link might find his way onto our phone screens soon.

Free Games Vrydag Winner Sniped

Who is heading off into the wilderness to become a master marksman?

Let’s look at some wonderful SALES!

It's sales time once more! Come see some great deals that your wallet will thank you for.

Hitman series may be in danger as developer’s future is uncertain

The Hitman series has remained a fan favourite throughout its many years in the gaming landscape. The bald assassin managed to capture the hearts of many and has remained an ever-present force. However, it seems that the series can be in some real danger following Square Enix’s decision to part ways with the current developers, IO Interactive. The developer is in danger of facing foreclosure...

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