Fortnite is heading to China via Tencent

Just one more step in the game's journey to world domination.

Firewatch developer, Campo Santo, has been acquired by Valve

The young indie developer has been snatched up by the GabeN.

New God of War patch fixes its tiny text

Didn't make sense to have such big men with such small text.

Free Games Vrydag winner is beating up cute monsters

It's the tournament of champions and multicoloured creatures. Will you be the winner?

What’s that? It’s some SALES!

Get those wallets out, it's sales time.

Platinum Games announce ambitious mobile game called World of Demons

Mobile games are usually bad, but this one looks like it can be something special.

Yakuza developers are working on a new IP

The people behind the wonderful Yakuza games are coming up with something new and fresh.

Microsoft’s new avatars get shown off in a leaked video

Our little computer people will be getting some makeovers and the options for eyes are tremendous.

Sonic Mania gets nice update with level transitions and a new boss

Sonic Mania gets some much needed improvements ahead of the Sonic Mania Plus release.

Terraria: Otherworld cancelled following ‘lack of progress’

Terraria's ambitious new chapter was a little too ambitious.

The Art of Gaming: Soundtracks – Resonance of the Soul

Gaming soundtracks can hit a chord in our hearts, but what exactly makes them so magical?

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