PS5’s performance and power is shown in video

Loading times? What loading times?

Nintendo Switch outsells PS4 in Japan

Nintendo is apparently quite Big in Japan.

Tetris 99 goes offline with some paid DLC

Now you can practice even when you don't have an internet connection.

Raising Kratos will go live on Friday Morning

Sit down and watch this video, boy.

Get cooking with PlayStation Plus in May

Some fantastic games this month, but some might be disappointed.

Take a swing at Games with Gold for May

Golf, party games, defending Earth and more.

Shovel Knight is actually a 3D game

Well, technically not, but it is.



Review: World War Z (PS4 Pro)

Zekes on the run.

Sony does indeed have a stricter policy on sexual content on PS4

When Devil May Cry 5 launched a little over a month ago, fans quickly realised that the PS4 version of the game had some censoring when it came to sexual content than it’s Xbox One and PC counterparts. People started speculating that Sony might have implemented a strict new policy in regards to sexual content, and it seems the speculations were spot on. In a report by Kotaku, a spokesperson ...

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