Death Stranding at a ‘critical phase’ according to Kojima

Still no clue as to when it's actually releasing.



Review in Progress: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4 Pro)

More like Shadows Die all the time.

There’s a chance we might get EA Access on PS4

This after Sony originally didn't want the service.

Burning Question: Do Achievements/Trophies diminish a game’s replayability?

Who is in charge here, you or the trophies and achievements?

A new DOOM movie has been announced, with no ties to id Software

How can you have any DOOM without the DOOM guy?

Devil May Cry 5 may be more censored on PS4 than other versions

Because all of the violence in the world is fine, but a little butt crack is a huge no, no!

Nintendo goes VR with the latest Labo Starter Kit

You can bet your house it will be better than the Virtual Boy.

Anthem being refunded by Sony because of continuing issues

You know things are bad when Sony starts giving your money back.

343 Industries says Halo Infinite will essentially be a ‘spiritual reboot’

After nearly 18 years, maybe a bit of a reboot is a good thing?

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