Almost three years later, and people are still discovering new things in Bloodborne

Something thought to have been cut from the game entirely has now been discovered.

Nice guy CD Projekt Red says that with Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll get exactly what you pay for

The Polish developer has no intention to rob us blind, and that makes us happy.

Bungie gives some details regarding Curse of Osiris in first livestream

A new social space, heroic strike playlists, a shorter raid and more await in the Curse of Osiris.

Five franchises that could do with reboot treatment

Some games are a bit forgotten in time, and it is time to bring them back. Please.

Bungie to host a livestream to show us what to expect in Curse of Osiris

Some more Destiny 2 incoming! Better saddle up, because we're going to Mercury!

Wolfenstein II DLC will show the fight through different eyes

Time for some other heroes to shine, because Blazkowicz can't have all the fun.



Review: Elex (Xbox One)


ELEX misses the beat just a few too many times.

Telltale Games cuts its workforce by 25%

The studio is shrinking by 90 people and wants to work on fewer, better games.

Wanna play Halo on your PS4? That’s not such a far-fetched idea as it might seem

We might get Microsoft games on PS4, but don't hold your breath.



Review: Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (PS4)

Aloy me to tell you a tale of a trip to the Frozen Wilds.

Housemarque to stop making arcade twin-stick shooters

The kings of twin-stick are looking at other genres that sell copies.

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