Rumour: Job listing means possible Nier sequel on the cards

Don't get too excited yet, but there is a glimmer of hope.

Video: The Call of Duty: World War II story trailer is action-packed

Call of Duty WWII has a story, and looks to be a decent one at that.

Battleborn’s final nail in the coffin is the end of added content

Born into battle, which was kind of lost from the beginning.

Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid beaten in six hours

Clans race to beat the Raid, but only one team can be first!

Destiny 2 patch fixes Clan Roster and missing exotic issues

Destiny 2's first weekly reset comes with a hefty patch to nail some bugs.



Review: Destiny 2 (PS4)

Eyes up, Guardians... Again!

Destiny 2 passes more than 1.2 million concurrent players in less than a week

Wondering where everyone went? Off to the Farm, it seems.

Bungie reveals the Destiny 2 roadmap for the next few weeks

Get your guardians together, you have a long road ahead of you

X-Morph: Defense combines top down shooter and tower defense

Be the aliens invading Earth and create death mazes for the silly humans to die in.

Rumour: Destiny 2 might have fewer story missions than first game

Quality over quantity, right? But what if it is all just marketing promises?

Destiny 2’s Raid will drop one week after launch

You have a week to get your team together for that first classic Raid

Destiny 2 live action trailer – Making Cayde-6 proud

Time for some Nathan Fillion and sabotage!

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