Review: Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Xbox One)

Get that ship clicked in and let's go.

So Cliffy B is done making video games. Definitely, maybe?

Cliffy B is done making games... Again.

Sony to skip E3 2019

With one of the biggest players in the industry pulling out, is E3 still worth the effort?

PUBG to parachute onto PS4 on 7 December

PS4 gets that Chicken Dinner despite coming in last.

The Districts of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City will be unique and varied

Each environment will have its own unique history but will blend in with each other in a natural way.

Destiny 2: Forsaken director defends the game, saying they’re not disappointed with sales figures

Who should be priority number one: The player, or the investor?

Netflix shows off Henry Cavill as Geralt, and the reactions are… mixed

Hey look, it is something that is not exactly like the video game! Let's make a big fuss about it!

Focus Home Interactive is quite happy with Vampyr’s success

The publisher is doing well and says that Vampyr is a big reason for that.

Fallout 76 on Nintendo Switch just wasn’t doable, according to Bethesda

Most Bethesda games are coming to the platform, but the online ones seem to be left behind.

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