Review: Jump Force (PS4)

Jump Force or Jump Farce?

Capcom adds some soundtrack goodness to Spotify

Capcom dropped a straight fire mix tape.

Here comes a mighty new season for Dragon Ball FighterZ

New characters and levels will draw you in for season two.

Saiyans and Mishimas Enter the Fourth Dimension in Cape Town Random Select

Back to the stomping ground for a showdown.



Review: SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (Switch)

Fanservice and violence. A deadly combo.

Cross-platform play for Fallout 76 not possible, says Todd Howard

Sony is in charge of where those country roads lead.

Reverse-engineering has given us a glimpse at Diablo’s source code

A look under the hood of where many started a long road down hack-and-slash.

Tekken 7 and Random Select 3 will turn Grand West into the High Roller’s Club

Want to show off your Tekken 7 skills? We got just the event for you.

Arc System Works is bringing us a Kill la Kill game

Kill la Kill is getting a game, clothing is optional.



Review: Titan Quest (PS4)

Some genres need a bit more effort to move to console and Titan Quest misses the mark.

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