Grab five Pokémon Sun and Moon Mega stones

Get your Pokémon mega stoned!

Battleborn gets a new competitive mode to try attract fresh blood

This way the six people still playing Battleborn can all play together.

Cliff Bleszinski explains the decision to make Lawbreakers console exclusive to PS4… for now

Don't worry Xbox fans, there is still a chance LawBreakers will be heading to your console

Want to date a dad? This is the simulator for you

Get ready for The Walking Dad.

Hitman developer IO Interactive is officially independent

IO Interactive has complete control over the Hitman IP. Get ready for more Agent 47.

Metal Gear Survive gets delayed to 2018

Metal Gear Survive won't grace us with its much-wanted presence this year. Hold back your tears.

Microsoft adds more to the avatar system, allows more expression of self

The avatar system is getting a lot more inclusive with many more options to show exactly who you are.

Life is Strange deluxe edition gets a bonus episode

If you want everything Life is Strange related, you better fork out for the deluxe edition.

E3 2017: Ubisoft conference

Ubisoft knocks it out of the park with a stellar conference with tons of great surprises.

Shenmue 3 gets delayed to end of 2018

After waiting so long, a little more won't hurt, right?

Xbox One backwards compatibility isn’t that popular

Despite all our clamouring for the feature, it isn't getting that much use.

New ME: Andromeda update adds Jaal as romance option for Scott Ryder

Scott can finally hook up with Jaal and Plasma Charge will finally work as intended with shotguns.

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