The 2018 video game industry is raking in the dough

We're spending how much on video games!?

Rockstar announces Red Dead Online public beta coming in November

Explore the Wild West with friends in November.

‘SEGA Mega Drive Classics’ is finally making its way onto the Switch

Old-school Sonic and his friends have made the Switch.

Switch NES controller only for online NES games

Charging and old-school gaming only!

AC Odyssey coming to the Switch in Japan in cloud form

Guess who's floating down from the clouds and landing on the Switch...

Nintendo Direct Recap: Switch Suprises, NES Controllers and a frightened Luigi

How much can you cram in 35 minutes? A lot apparently - including 2 surprises and a new nostalgia-inducing controller.

Nintendo Switch Online’s date was finally announced

Guess what's going live in less than a week?

Cloud saves not enabled on all games to ensure fair play. Really, Nintendo?

As Franky almost said: They're doing it their way...

Has the new Yoshi game title been accidentally revealed?

Links on Nintendo's website seem to inadvertently announce Yoshi game title...

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