Newly discovered dinosaur shark named after Galaga game

Pre-historic sharks, teeth, video games and Galaga. They're all connected.

Opinion: Why LABO isn’t really working here

Is LABO dying a death of less than a thousand paper cuts?

Switch 20M sales target may not be ‘just a pipe-dream’

Fastest software home console sales figures in Nintendo's history.

Team Sonic Racing roster grows by three

Three Sonic's villains are ready to race...

Rocket League now features full cross-platform play

Now everyone can get revved up from some motor-footy action together.

Rumour: SNES games coming to Switch Online

Data Miners strike Super Nintendo gold.

Monster Boy on Switch is outselling PS & Xbox 8 to 1

Nintendo Switch is Indie heaven.



The Division 2 is skipping Steam for the Epic Store

Tom Clancy just got off the Steam train.



Review: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Switch)

Side-scrolling Mario is great but starting to feel a little dated.

Fortnite made over $400 Million just on iOS in 2018

Think Different. Earn loads of money.

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