Nintendo eShop finally gets some much needed discovery improvements-ish

Avoiding shovelware and finding favourites just got a little easier...



Five reasons a good game loses you

When even a good game can't keep you hooked...

Sonic Racing Game Edging Closer

The Blue Blur is coming into focus soon...





Review: Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (Switch)

Like the diet version of all your favourite sodas...

The 3DS is here to stay… at least for now

The Switch is still not a "one per person" system...

New Nintendo President wants mobile business to grow

The aim is to grow the mobile side of the business to 100 billion Yen.

Hands-on: Nintendo LABO

It's Caaaardbooooard!!!

Confirmed: Free 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia DLC

Get ready to lift the Chempionat mira po futbolu 2018 goda... It's in Russian (according to Google).

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