Review in progress: Farpoint (PSVR)

It is like a Time Crisis arcade machine is in your house, waiting for you to shoot all the things.

The Burning Question: Do you have post-game depression?

Do you hit a slump after finishing a good game? Let's discuss it.

Destiny 2 scraps Grimoire cards, puts story in the game

Say farewell to the grimoire cards as Bungie decides to put the story of the game *into* the game itself.

Tekken 7 shows off its fighters one ground bounce combo at a time

Choose your fighter and get ready for rage arts and crazy combos and humour.

Microsoft: Frame rate parity is up to developers, not an Xbox mandate

Microsoft won't force frame rate parity, but which developer would want the fallout of not giving multiplayer games parity?

Hey NetherRealm, let’s talk about animations

Sometimes fighting games just get things wrong, like the way people hold their bodies.

Platinum Games working on original IP, first owned by studio

Platinum Games has its very first studio-owned IP in the works, and is slowing down the pace a bit.



Review: Endless Space 2 (PC)

Will you build an Empire of prosperity and peace across the galaxy, or must everything burn in your wake?

Join us for the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere at 7pm

Welcome to world without light. I hope you have a good torch and batteries.

Overwatch Anniversary event wants to say thanks on May 23

Celebrate a year of Overwatch, or hop in now with a free weekend and game of the year edition.

Ubisoft annual earnings report confirms Far Cry 5, The Crew 2, Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft's year on year earnings are up, and a few games in the rumour mill get confirmed.

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ next DLC adds elite enemies, increases level cap

Get ready for a new threat as Unidad puts together an elite unit to hunt the Americans in Bolivia.

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