Stellaris’ next expansion will take us to some Distant Stars

There is something showing up on our sensors captain... something we haven't ever seen before.

God of War: The Norse myths we hope to kill err meet

God of War has jumped from the Greek pantheon to the Norse, so it is time to brush up on some lore.

Iron Harvest’s dieselpunk mechs are stomping all over Kickstarter

RTS and stompy mech fans should take note.

Warcraft 3’s big widescreen supporting patch leaves PTR

The Warcraft 3 patch is now live, with widescreen support and many hero changes.



Review: Assassin’s Creed Origins – Curse of the Pharaohs DLC (PS4)

It's all about the mummies as we delve into the tombs of some of Egypt's greatest Pharaohs.

Worlds Adrift is sailing into early access in May

Get ready to build, explore and overcome horrible weather conditions.

The Burning Question: Which is better, SeeD or SOLDIER?

Which side would win, and which would you rather be a member of?

Thanks to a Valve change, SteamSpy won’t be able to operate

Valve just made a change that stops services like SteamSpy from gathering data for analysis.



Review: Extinction (PC)

Extinction starts with a fun premise and never takes it beyond scaling a giant ogre.

Soon you will be able to borrow a friend’s Hearthstone deck to play it against them

How well do you fare against your own decks or a mirror match? Soon you can share with a friend for friendly 1v1 matchups.

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