Review: Rage 2 (PS4)

Rage, rage against the dying of the joy.

Development of 2020’s Call of Duty in a bit of a pickle

Activision changes things up a year into development.

Blizzard has a ‘not-a-bug’ list for WoW Classic features that keep getting reported

A list of things people think are bugs, that really are how it used to be back then.

Five things we do in games we would hate (or never do) in real life

Sure you do it in your games, but have you tried it in real life?

Video: Battle for Azeroth interview with Ion Hazzikostas and Ely Cannon

Old gods, class utility, azerite armour, flying and purple on purple on purple.

Safe Haven cinematic has Saurfang confronting Thrall

Some people just aren't allowed to walk away and retire.

Video: WoW Classic interview with Brian Birmingham and Patrick Dawson

Making what fans want, and enjoying the journey too.

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