Inmost shows how beautiful darkness really is

Enter the darkness, witness its beauty.

Jagged Alliance is back some 20 years later and the heroes look old

After two decades, Jagged Alliance is coming back, old and angry.

World of Wookieecraft – Battle for Azeroth stream

What does a Demon Hunter hunt now that the demons are gone?

Germany is relaxing regulations about Nazi symbols in video games

Games are finally allowed into the cultural space where discussion can happen.

Rage 2 is all about id’s gunplay, Avalanche’s worlds and… colourful hair

At least in the apocalypse, there is still neon hairspray and enough gel to keep your gang looking great.



Review: No Heroes Here (Switch)

There might not be heroes, but there sure are cannons.

Scarf wants to take you on a journey

Wrap up tight, we are going on an adventure.

Surviving Mars’ Da Vinci update lets you build paradise without worry

We will rule over all this land! And we will call it… this land!

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