Brendan Greene would love to add single player to PUBG, but no plans for it yet

No plans in place for a single player campaign yet, but the idea wasn't dismissed.

Vampyr gets delayed to 2018 due to technical issue

Seems our Vampyr needs a bit longer in its coffin.

Valve’s brave answer to review bombing is adding a graph

Valve will do just about anything to use algorithms instead of humans.

Final Fantasy IX is on PS4 right now

The PS one classic finally makes the jump to PS4 with better textures.

Former Valve writer Chet Faliszek joins Bossa

Get ready for a new co-op action game.

Blizzard’s office dogs have to be good dogs and sign NDAs

The Blizzard office has so many good dogs. Who wants a treat?

SA Gamercast 9 – Destiny 2 and Pewdiepie

Racism, exclusion and Destiny 2, oh my.

Telltale Games gets ex-Zynga GM Pete Hawley as new CEO

Pete Hawley starts as CEO on Monday and wants to drive new content for Telltale Games.

BlizzCon 2017’s virtual ticket will livestream all stages. Also WoW mounts

Virtual ticket owners are going to get to watch pretty much everything this year.

Pewdiepie apologises for racial slur that ‘just slipped out’

Pewdiepie is sorry, again, for racism in his content, again.

Ubisoft announces Atomega, an arena shooter that releases next week

From the team that brought us Grow Home and Grow Up, this time we are shooting everyone.

At work and missing Destiny 2? Listen to the soundtrack

You body might be at work, but we know where your mind and heart are.

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