Far Cry New Dawn will have some ‘light RPG’ mechanics

Some RPG elements and a choice with every conquered outpost.

Hbomberguy’s DK64 charity stream raises over $330,000

From never played before to 101% in 57 hours.

Warframe has a busy, exciting 2019 roadmap

From Railjack to new warframes, a new enemy faction and reworking old systems, 2019 looks exciting.

Fimbul calls you to be a Jotun slayer

Wild River and Zaxis Games released a gameplay trailer for Fimbul and if you like Norse mythology and action-adventure games, then you should keep an eye on this game. You play as a berserker named Kveldulver, resurrected by the Norns to fight the Jotuns. Fimbul Winter, the final winter, has arrived and if the giants aren’t stopped, Ragnarok will come to pass. Kveldulver’s journey look...

They Are Billions campaign will be massive, but is a way off

The campaign is so big it is almost another game.

Hands-on: Division 2 PvP

Once more we head into the Dark Zone, but this time things are different.

The Division 2’s private beta lands in February

Get into the beta and take on the terrors of the capitol.

The Elder Scrolls Online is heading Elsweyr in June

The dragons are free once again.

Ubisoft’s sci-fi game Pioneer gets cancelled

Not that it was properly announced...

AGDQ 2019 raises $2.39 million for charity while going fast

AGDQ breaks records and raises a whole lot of money to fight against cancer.

Kingdom Hearts III epilogue will be patched in a day later

Better save some cap for all the videos.

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