Review: Tales from the Borderlands (PC)

Tales from the Borderlands follows the story of the most unlikely band of heroes you will ever meet, while capturing your heart and taking it on a rollercoaster ride.

Remember Dizzy? Forgotten game gets published 22 years later

I remember playing Dizzy many years ago, before it disappeared. In a way it was a blessing: I didn’t see my crazy egg friend get forced down a road of awkward 3D platforming like poor old Sonic did. Most people forgot about Dizzy, and it feels like the creators, The Oliver Twins, forgot about it too. Two decades ago Wonderland Dizzy was shown to Codemasters, who didn’t publish the game...

Vivendi takes stake in Ubisoft… twice

Vivendi, the same company that once took a majority stake in Activision, started buying Ubisoft shares this week. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot emailed company employees saying the stock acquisition was “unwelcomed and unsolicited”. The next day, Vivendi bought even more shares in Ubisoft, raising its stake from 6% (which cost $161 million) to 10,4%. According to Vivendi, this was “...

Elite: Dangerous will let you explore planets in Horizons

Frontier Developments has captured the hearts and minds of so many people with Elite: Dangerous. Getting stranded and helped by Fuel Rats, a community of people who scour the galaxy for people needing help, or people creating hoax videos of odd sightings and noises show just how invested people are in this space sim. The first paid expansion for the game, Horizons, will allow you to explore planet...

Valve is improving Steam customer service

Steam is regularly praised for many reasons, but its poor customer service is often lamented. Long ticket times and unhappy interactions with customer support are often mentioned and Valve wants to change that. In an interview with Kotaku. Valve’s Erik Johnson admitted that the time it takes to get to a support ticket has gotten worse, and Valve is looking at improving this before Christmas....



Review: MSI GE72 2QD Apache laptop

MSI's 960M machine shows promise, but doesn't quite hit all the right notes.

StarCraft 2 players and coach arrested for matchfixing

The Korean eSports scene is reeling after a matchfixing scandal was discovered. A number of players and their coach have been arrested. They will also be banned from the competitive StarCraft 2 scene for life. Prime’s head coach, Gerrard (Park Wae-Sik) and YoDa  (Choi Byeong-Heon) have been banned for life. 10 others were arrested, including  former progamer and esports journalist Enough (Se...

Payday 2 adds microtransaction only stat-boosting items

Payday 2 is joining Steam’s player-driven economy in one of the worst possible ways. As you play the game you can earn safes that you can crack open. The one type of safe requires a drill that costs $2.49. Doesn’t sound all too different from the chest drops that Dota 2 had, right? But here is the kicker: some of these cosmetics include stat boosts or a special mod. While Payday 2 is a...



Review: Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone (PC)


We are heading back to Velen to get rid of a terrible debt.

Overwatch beta is just around the corner

When Blizzard announced Overwatch last year at Blizzcon, there were mentions of a beta in early 2015. In typical Blizzard fashion, the beta should be arriving for Spring, with an announcement on the 15th. So far there has been no mention of whether it is an open or closed beta. Hopefully they have learnt from the anguish that Heroes of the Storm caused for those fans who really wanted to play and ...

Divinity: Original Sin gets a whole lot better on October 27th

Last year my best RPG was Divinity: Original Sin. It is a deep, well-written adventure that brought some great moments from CRPGs of the past back to life. Now it is about to get a whole lot better. For those who dislike reading, and Divinity: Original Sin required you to follow a lot of words and sentences and even whole paragraphs at a time, the game is now fully-voiced, including some AAA voice...

Broforce officially out next week, celebrate with this crazy song

The crazy folk over at Free Lives are finally taking crazy overkill platformer Broforce out of early access on October 15th. To celebrate the launch, the Ballad of Rambro is here to make you burst into song as your chest swells with pride for America. If you are looking for a gory, over-the-top platfromer filled with your favourite action movie heroes, you won’t find anything quite like the ...

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