This sci-fi racer is a blast from the arcade past

Power Drive 2000 is a game set in the future (the year 2000) where space-age sports cars race along at unbelievable speeds to a Synthwave soundtrack. It oozes retro cool and reminds me of a time where racing arcade games were all about the speed and very little else. Your car will hit acceleration strips, crazy ramps over missing sections of road and slide around corners as your car talks to you. ...

WildStar is going Free-to-Play this year

A few weeks ago a Steam Database listing caused some rumours that WildStar was going to Steam and going Free-to-Play, Now, the game has been confirmed as going free to play in autumn (our spring). WildStar launched last year and dwindling subscriber counts and team layoffs resulted in a couple seasonal in-game community updates being cancelled, which is pretty sad. Going the free to play route mig...

Video: Some of your favourite games remade in Lego

There is no hiding that I am a Lego fan. My house has loads of the stuff and without fail I get excited about every Lego game that is coming out. Sadly there are no FPS titles in the Lego universe, and why is that? This cool video by Andrew Films makes me want to play all these games again, but this time, in Lego. HD remakes? No, I want LEGO remakes. Source: Games Radar

Some 60fps gameplay footage of Blizzard’s Overwatch

Since Overwatch was showcased at Blizzcon last year, I have been looking for more information on this team shooter. I’m hoping Blizzard’s take on the genre makes for a fun ride, and this gameplay footage has me excited about the game and the eventual release of a beta. Hopefully it goes the free-to-play route and not the Evolve route. Check Mercy in action here. Healing and damage buff...

How mobile gaming broke my WoW addiction

Gaming addiction, like being addicted to anything, is bad. I’m not talking about people saying they are ‘addicted’ to something they do now and again. I’m talking the kind of addiction that causes you to ignore family, friends, work and significant others. My second dip into World of Warcraft almost conquered me. Looking after my garrison and finding all the non-combat pets...

The PC Gaming Show at E3 has added more developers

With E3 getting close, it is time to start getting excited about what is happening in the near future. As one of the few guys on the team that loves the PC, knowing there is going to be a PC Gaming Show makes me pretty darn happy. Brought to us by the fine folk at PC Gamer, Tuesday, June 16 is going to be a treat for those of us who enjoy their gaming on the PC. The originally confirmed list of sp...

CD Projekt discusses the graphics downgrade

When I first saw the Witcher 3 at E3 2013, it was jaw-droppingly beautiful. Meditating wasn’t done on a menu, allowing you to watch a time-lapse of the world around you, a scene so awe-inspiring it felt like I was watching something on National Geographic. Then I started playing on XBO and things looked a bit different. It was still gorgeous, but some of those small touches that pushed it to...



Review: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Xbox One)


Geralt, like wine, has gotten much better with age. Get ready to kiss your life goodbye as you chase the Wild Hunt.

Prepare Guild Wars 2, the Reaper is coming

Who doesn’t envision their MMO character as Death, reaping lives from countless battlefields as you murder your way from area to area in the hunt of loot and power? When Guild Wars 2’s expansion hits, Heart of Thorns, the Necromancer is going to have access to the Reaper elite specialization. Feeding off of life force and chilling his enemies, this melee spec will give you access to a ...

This space map in Dying Light will make you want the game on PC

Modding is a huge part of what keeps games alive on PC. The amount of extra mileage you can get out of a title depends on the modding tools and the community of people who take the time to make crazy mods. Check out this mod from modder Pawciak. You can get Dying Space in the Steam Workshop, which is a short romp in space, away from the zombies and filth of an overrun Harran. It isn’t the lo...



Review: Project Root (Xbox One)

Rotten roots make for mediocre fun.

Mortal Kombat X explained in less than 5 minutes

Unless you have been playing Mortal Kombat since the very beginning, the storyline is a tad complicated. By complicated I mean you require access to wikipedia, a conspiracy theorist, some narcotics and a screwdriver to work out what exactly is going on. Then the game goes and retcons everything in the previous title anyway, making all that history null and void! Okay it isn’t really¬†that com...

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