Review: Project Root (Xbox One)

Rotten roots make for mediocre fun.

Mortal Kombat X explained in less than 5 minutes

Unless you have been playing Mortal Kombat since the very beginning, the storyline is a tad complicated. By complicated I mean you require access to wikipedia, a conspiracy theorist, some narcotics and a screwdriver to work out what exactly is going on. Then the game goes and retcons everything in the previous title anyway, making all that history null and void! Okay it isn’t really that com...

Laser tag? Pfft, we need The Void VR room right now!

Imagine a virtual reality experience that takes the building you are in and makes it part of the level around you? Ken Bretschneider dreams that this could happen and he is building a play centre called The Void. The rooms are covered in foam and look pretty boring, until you don a VR headset and get transported into a horror FPS or have to face a dragon with your friends. Bretschneider and his te...

Magicka 2’s trailer makes fun of trailers, game reveals

Get ready for more Magicka action as May 26 isn’t very far away. Paradox Interactive has a new trailer out for Magicka 2, that is “110% unscripted” just like those “totally unscripted multiplayer gameplay sections” that we will see at E3. Crazy co-op with friendly fire? I can get behind that.

GTA V iPhone app to control in-game phone

Want to add a bit of immersion to Grand Theft Auto V? DIY projects Planetleak has created an app for iPhone that lets you control the in-game phone with your own phone. It isn’t really responsive, something the creator is working on, but it does show a pretty different direction that mods can take. You know, instead of turning dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine. Source: Kitguru

Total Waaagh ~ Total Warhammer ~ Total War: Warhammer announced

Creative Assembly has been rather busy and it is a great time to be a strategy fan.  Total War: Warhammer is coming soon, and will feature a mixture of turn-based strategy for the campaign with real-time battles. Huge armies of greenskins? I can’t wait. WAAAGH! Source: Kitguru



Review: Grand Theft Auto V (PC)

The shiniest version of Grand Theft Auto V is here, finally. So was it worth the wait, or have PC owners been duped again?

Kill people, win prizes in Geek Fest MKX tourney

Geek Fest is a great place to help your wallet lose weight, to make new friends and to rip the heart out of someone and gorge on the final spurt of blood contained inside. The last one should only be done virtually, though. Unless you want to make the news for a completely different reason. Geek Fest is at Huddle Park Golf & Recreation, 121 Club Street, Linksfield, Johannesburg on July 4 and a...

Total War: Attila is getting a Lord of the Rings conversion mod

The Battle for Middle Earth games were the last official game you got a RTS look at Lord of the Rings and the army sizes didn’t really do the setting any justice. There should be thousands of Uruk-Hai, not a few dozen. Apparently I’m not the only person that feels that way as a large group of modders is doing a conversion mod that turns Total War: Atilla into Total War: Rise of Mordor....

Rise of Mana will be on the Vita in May… in Japan

It might not be the Square Enix title that you are really pining for right now, but Rise of Mana, a smartphone game, has been rebalanced and redesigned to run on the PlayStation Vita. It launches on the Japanese PlayStation Store in May and hopefully it comes to the west. It looks like something really charming to while away time on the Vita.

World of Warcraft wants you to Timewalk through older dungeons

Any World of Warcraft player worth their salt has been told, at some point, how the vanilla content was the hardest and the best content that every existed in any game ever. Everyone has it easy now and doing it now is too easy and so on and so on until you find an excuse to teleport out of earshot. Blizzard wants people to relive those adventures, with some nice loot as reward for doing so. A new...

The epic Gorehowl forged in real life

Gorehowl is a blade of legend. It has felled pit lords, demigods and ancient Gronn. It is a blade to strike fear into the enemy, before cleaving the enemy in two, its eerie song haunting those who survive to tell of it whistling through the air. And now, it is a real weapon thanks to Tony Swatton and the Man at Arms team. It is heavy, bad ass and you get to watch it smite a few objects that got in...

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