Review: Tokyo 42 (PC)

Fiddly and frustrating at times, Tokyo 42 will turn you into the best isometric assassin ever.

10 ways that Overwatch could improve on its loot boxes

Overwatch's current legendary heavy event is making fans upset. Here are a few ways they could fix it.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s roster is allergic to mutants

If you liked a berserker barrage or two in your Marvel vs Capcom, we have bad news...

Sonic Mania’s pre-order trailer gives me hope

Sonic Mania will make you want to believe in the old blue hedgehog.

Far Cry 5 reveals a town under siege by religious extremists

The new Far Cry will feature co-op in the campaign and you will be able to customise your character.

No, you probably won’t see Beyond Good and Evil 2 at E3

Seems it will be beyond Good and E3-ville too.

Monster Hunter XX is going to be on the Nintendo Switch

Ever since the Switch launched, and probably before that, people have been asking where the Monster Hunter franchise was. Monster Hunter has had very few console releases, opting rather for the handheld environment. The Switch does both, so it makes sense the game would head to the device, right? Well after a long silence from Capcom, we finally have confirmation that Monster Hunter XX: Double Cro...

Nyamakop accepted into international games accelerator Stugan

It seems that the Kenyan / South African studio Nyamakop is going to get a lot of time to whip their playdough platformer into shape. Wait, playdough platformer? Semblance is just that. Imagine being an energetic blob and the world around you is firm, but squishy. You can nudge platforms to beath those impossible to make jumps or frustratingly out of reach collectibles suddenly are *just* in reach...

Sorlag is the meanest bunny hopping hunter in Quake Champions

She will leap right at you and spit acid in your face.

Review in progress: Farpoint (PSVR)

It is like a Time Crisis arcade machine is in your house, waiting for you to shoot all the things.

The Burning Question: Do you have post-game depression?

Do you hit a slump after finishing a good game? Let's discuss it.

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