Total War: Three Kingdoms delayed to May for extra polish

A better game is more important than targeting a specific date.

Hands-on: The Division 2 private beta

Washington DC needs heroes to step up.

Employees of Activision-Blizzard prepare for job losses at quarterly

Many support staff are preparing for bad news.

Anthem’s launch trailer calls for us to suit up

You are the chosen protector.

Commander Keen’s creators ignored by Zenimax

Nothing like a robotic letter form reply to a big question.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown DLC trailer is a real headscratcher

Something big is coming in the DLC. We think.

Hideaki Itsuno had to choose between Dragon’s Dogma 2 and DMC 5

Keen on Dragon's Dogma 2? There might be hope, if someone can convince Itsuno to sit down and make it.

Anthem outlines endgame and ongoing elements

It looks like Freelancers will be busy at max level.

Apex Legends broke 2.5 million players in first day

It appears a surprise launch worked wonders.

Kabal is in Mortal Kombat 11 and his fatality is pretty rough

Get ready to turn your opponents into roadkill.

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