Eight things in older games we are grateful were left behind

Some things are best left in the past. Hopefully buried.

The cancelled Dragon Age 4 concept sounds amazing

Say goodbye to Joplin, where you were a spy pulling off heists.

Rhys isn’t voiced by Troy Baker in Borderlands 3

It looks like Rhys, it walks like Rhys... but is it Rhys?

Hearthstone Rise of Shadows bundle winners

Who is going to be cracking some packs?

Make Civ 6 look like Civ 5 with this Firaxis dev’s mod

Take the cartoony bits out, if you want.

Tim Sweeney addresses Chinese spyware accusation

Sweeney says the internet is free to complain, but the spy stuff is rubbsih.

Rumour: Watch Dogs 3 to be set in London

Police blowing whistles instead of trying to blow your head off.

‘Tales of’ Hideo Baba leaves Square Enix, Studio Istolia

Studio Head and Tales of veteran is leaves with little explanation.

Ubisoft won’t make any more Starlink toys

Say goodbye to plastic dreams.

BioWare’s Casey Hudson e-mails staff about studio problems

The real BioWare magic would be a happy healthy workplace.

Competition: Who wants some Rise of Shadows card packs?

Rafaam wants you to join his crew and take over the world.

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