Blast from the Past: Burger Time DELUXE (Game Boy)

Retro Review


So let me start this off by being a little honest, I’ve been watching an anime called Food Wars all weekend and in turn this is how BurgerTime DELUXE came to be my next Blast from the Past review. Chef Peter Pepper is in trouble with a rival chef out to stop him from making the “ultimate burger”. However with his trusty pepper grinder he is sure to make mince meat out of the enemy hot dogs, troublesome pickles and evil eggs.

Although BurgerTime was released in the early 80’s I unfortunately only played it in the late 90’s. It was one of those games that offered you quite a bit of fun, made you hungry and didn’t seem to bother people that the protagonist was in fact running a burger business by literally walking all over the food. Health and safety went out the window on this one. The task is simple, the player is placed in the shoes of the chef who is dropped into an area that appears to be his shop. However, the play-area itself is split into multiple levels and on each level contains different ingredients for the burger that, for whatever reason, is more than ten times the size of the chef. Coming back to the task, while avoiding the enemy who are in fact also food such as sausages, pickles and eggs that seem to be half broken, you’ll have to walk across each level where the individual layers of the burger hangs. These layers are quite literally the bun, the lettuce and patties that are placed in an order that a burger is usually made in. Once you’ve run across the individual layers each layer will then fall onto the one below it and thereafter you will have to make your way down by way of ladders placed through the stage to the next piece.

The enemies tend to be mindless zombies with one thing on their minds and that’s to get you. It is often easier to set up traps for them such as luring them in-between layers of the burger and dropping the top layer onto them to send them off into oblivion. However, even after me making that sound simple I have to admit that the AI in this game is quite impressive for its age as the enemy or foonemies (food + enemies) strategically cornered me quite a number of times, which resulted in my death a few times since I did not have any pepper left. This brings us to the pepper grinder. Thankfully, unlike Lode Runner, if you find yourself in a pickle (no pun intended) you are also equipped with your trusty pepper grinder. This however does not kill enemies but rather stuns them, just for a short moment that will allow you to escape.

BurgerTime DELUXE is a classic and truly was my blast from the past this weekend. The soundtrack is catchy and paced well alongside the pepper slinging and burger making action. It’s also an improved version of the original game. It not only comes with brand new levels but also new ingredients and enemies. Hope you’re hungry because there’s a new ‘Burger King’ in town.


  • Burgers, Burgers, Burgers
  • Good AI
  • Catchy Music
  • Pepper in your eyes


  • This time your food bites back!


Avoid or destroy enemies as you try your best to create burgers is this very silly game from the 80s


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