Blast from the Past: City Connection (NES)




Move aside Vin Diesel, the Fast and Furious team has nothing on this city driver. City Connection, an arcade platform game released in 1985 that combined non-stop driving with acrobatics never before seen in 1985.

City Connection puts the player in control of a sporty little hatchback car that never stops. No brakes, no accelerator, only the ability to make immediate turns that resemble a 180 degree handbrake turn and the ability to jump from platform to platform. The objective is quite simple actually, paint every piece of the road in every city while avoiding obstacles and the police. The car also has the feature of being able to shoot oil cans which can be used to stun police cars and knock them off the roads. This in turn shall clear the roads for the driver and prove that the main protagonist has been to cities across the world. Other obstacles include spikes and weirdly enough cats. Yes, you heard right, cats! As the player drives through the city cats and spikes will appear in the path, knocking them or driving into them will cause the player to loose a life and start the level over again from the highest level. Although keep in mind if you’re out of lives this will result in a game over screen.

Impressively City Connection possesses over ten cities / locations including Manhattan, Paris, London, India, Holland, China and Japan. Each location, city and level has its own backdrop that resembles these cities and a soundtrack that resembles each other, but a little tweak to each tune. Enemies in each level also change. They remain police vehicles, but with a version of police vehicles suitable for that specific city. I imagine if City Connection had a South African level, the police vehicles would be Isuzu bakkies (and there would be potholes to dodge).


All-in-all City Connection is tons of fun in the beginning with a catchy soundtrack, streets filled with police and cats as well as your very own hydraulic suspension that allows your car to low jump and high jump as well as shoot out projectiles at enemies… kind of reminds me of Speed Racer and the Mach 5. Unfortunately this tends to become monotonous after about two hours of play. But hey, after two hours of play at an arcade it is still an impressive feat and if breaking the law, vandalizing streets, disturbing the peace especially by shooting and driving police vehicles off the road is your thing, then City Connection is an arcade platform made just for you.


  • Obsessively Compulsive | Catchy Soundtrack in the beginning... | Fast-paced driving action | Platforming with a car!


  • Music tends to become a little repetitive | Why are there CATS everywhere?!


Too fast...Too furious...


Gameplay - 7
Visuals - 6.5
Audio - 6.5
Gratification - 6.5
Value for money - 6

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