Blast from the Past: Primal Rage (Game Boy)



I’ve never been a huge fan of the fighting genre, although a younger me used to spend a lot of time at the arcades playing Mortal Kombat or Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. So when I noticed that Primal Rage combined both dinosaurs and fighting you better believe I needed to check it out. I remember seeing this game originally on the PlayStation but unfortunately never really played it myself. However I was in fact lucky enough to recently acquire the Game Boy version of it.

Primal Rage takes place in the prehistoric era and grants players the choice of selecting a fighter from six different beasts or dinosaurs. Sauron, Talon, Blizzard, Armadon, Chaos and Diablo. A mixture of T-Rex, Raptor or Armadillo dinos as well as King Kong-looking beasts with ice abilities.

Unfortunately the game itself gives the players no introduction or story as to why the world is in ruins nor a reason as to why these beasts are battling it out. After a bit of research however I’ve discovered that the other versions of the game did indeed have an opening that explained exactly what had occurred. In short, A meteor has hit the planet reducing it to ruins. In this post apocalyptic world, now known as “Urth”, these six beasts fight for World Domination. Locations in the game include forests, cave settings, a volcano and a city left in ruins to name a few.

Attacks include horn attacks, tail swipes, fire ball projectiles, slide attacks, earthquake rendering ground stomp abilities and ice breath attacks that literally freezes the enemy for a limited time period (Disclaimer: I felt like throwing my Game Boy at the wall when the ice wielding beast kept spamming his ice breath). The game also grants the player the chance to use a finishing move, much like Mortal Kombat. You’ll be able to also adjust the difficulty under the options tab. The difficulty options is selected in numerical format from ‘1’ to ‘8’, unlike the standard ‘Normal’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Hard’.

All-in-all Primal Rage is tons of fun in the beginning. The music is fun to listen to, the different locations or background settings give players something to admire and the fact that there are combos as well as projectiles that each fighter possesses fills out the game quite well and keeps the player going…for a little while. The only gripe I truly have is the length of the game. Depending on the difficulty you choose you’ll be able to fly through the game and claim World Domination within 30 minutes or less. It is fun to see the dinos performing their finishing moves and a little rewarding when you finally manage to perform a combo but replay value is unfortunately minimal.


  • Catchy Music | Special Attacks | Finishing Moves


  • Too Short | Not much replay value


Unfortunately your Rage will not last long in this fight for World Domination.


Gameplay - 6
Visuals - 5
Audio - 7
Gratification - 6
Value for money - 2

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