Blast from the Past: Mighty Bomb Jack (NES)



Immediately after starting Mighty Bomb Jack I felt tears running down my face (figuratively not literally) the music, enemies, controls all brought back a memory, a memory of a time when little else mattered except having fun while playing video games. No frame rates to worry about, flaws in story line plots and most of all no DLC.

Mighty Bomb Jack sees players controlling a masked caped crusader with the ability “to leap tall buildings in a single bound”. Okay there aren’t really any buildings in the game but Jack’s ability to jump and glide is impressive. The game is filled with bizarre enemies that spawn from Egyptian mummies out of thin air and a few seconds later transform into living fire balls, birds, beetle-like monsters as well what I can only describe as alien jelly fish flying creatures.

Jack ultimately cannot hit or shoot projectiles at the enemies and spends most of his time leaping through levels avoiding enemies. One touch from an enemy will kill Jack instantly. Jack however isn’t completely useless when it comes to defending himself. In a few treasure chests through the levels Jack will find power-ups. One transforms all enemies on the screen at the time into coins. However the player has to react quite fast since the duration that the enemies stay transformed into coins is limited to a few seconds. The treasure chests also include money bags, coins and a drink with the letter M on it which adds more time onto the player’s clock.

Odd design decisions

The levels weren’t set out too well unfortunately, with the main challenge being a large number of spawned enemies and a few tight corners with enticing treasures that then entrap players in a horde of enemies surrounding them with no way to escape. As long as you collect what you can see such as bombs and chests then you should be able to progress quite easily of course the longer you linger within an area, the more it fills up with enemies that just seem to keep spawning over and over. There were some tough levels especially late in the game but yet again the challenge wasn’t actually reaching ledges or areas but more dodging enemies to get to the area.

The game also sends players to a torture room after collecting too many treasure chest items, calling the player “greedy”. The player then has to navigate themselves around a room for just under a minute while the room fills up with enemies. Since Mighty Bomb Jack cannot take out enemies, he will have to keep jumping and gliding back and forth across the room to stay alive.

The game also sends players to a torture room after collecting too many treasure chest items, calling the player “greedy”.

All in all this was a blast from the past in the beginning and really took me back. However the more I played the more I realised why this game never really held its place in my memory. It has some really catchy music, a cool protagonist able to leap to extraordinary heights and it was actually nice playing a title again without thinking too much about what to do. Which of course adds to why its kind of bland. As mentioned earlier the biggest challenge was navigating away from enemies and trying to dodge them. That repetitive mechanic I felt got old pretty fast and pulled a lot away from the game. Mighty Bomb Jack the caped masked crusader unfortunately is going to have to go back into the archives for me.


  • Catchy Music


  • Needed more challenging levels rather than just throwing enemies at the player


A platformer about dodging enemies because you have no weapons. Can you make it through the traps and to victory?


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