Blast from the Past: Mighty Final Fight (NES)

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Growing up I absolutely loved arcade beat ’em ups and if you’ve grown up in the 90s or early 20th century then you probably also spent a ton of time in the arcades playing titles like Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Although not all beat ’em ups were played in the arcades and some just like Double Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Battletoads were played in the comfort of your own home. One such game that I did not get to play however and to my surprise is Mighty Final Fight. A beat ’em up released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the year 1993 and a few years back released on the Nintendo virtual console for the Nintendo WiiU and 3DS. Mighty Final Fight is actually a spin-off of the game Final Fight which I do actually remember playing. And Mighty Final Fight’s character design as a whole is just so much cooler.

The game takes place in Metro City and follows a story of courage, love and villainy. Players take up the role of one of three main protagonists namely Cody – a tough street fighter, Guy – descended from a ninja and Haggar – a wrestler but also mayor of Metro City. It is up to these three heroes to save Haggar’s daughter who has been kidnapped by the villainous Mad Gear Gang.

Players will have to travel through a variety of areas such as Old Town, the Slum, Riverside, Bay Area, Old Town and the Factory to battle against the gang’s minions if they are to succeed in saving the mayor’s daughter. As mentioned earlier the character designs are quite different to the original title Final Fight and although I did like the character designs in Final Fight, being a chibi art style fan, I do enjoy Mighty Final Fight’s character design a whole lot more (please note that I am not saying that this is in fact chibi art style, I am merely using that art style as a reference). The fight animations also look quite familiar (Double Dragon) with the characters having the ability to perform a whole range of attacks including grabbing and throwing enemies as well as performing flying kicks and uppercuts that make it seem as if your character has a flame accompanying his punch. Although that’s not to say that it is a bad thing. Quite the opposite actually as each character also has their own set of fighting skills and admittedly being a wrestler is a ton of fun.

The game also features a dialogue choice along the way in discussions happening just before a boss battle takes place. Of course, whether you’re cheeky or not with the enemy you should still expect a fight. The music also creates the feel and vibe of you actually being in an arcade. The only thing I would have swapped out is my 3DS controls for an actual arcade gamepad.

All in all Mighty Final Fight is super fun and a must play for all beat ’em up and arcade fans, however, the game is pretty short.


  • Music
  • Fight animations


  • Pretty short


Punch, kick and wrestle your way through the gangs to get Haggar's daughter back.


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