E3 2017

Get your coffee and join us at 3am for the Sony conference

Who is awake at 3am? You mad people come join us at the tea party.

E3 exclusive: hands-on with Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Battlefront 2 plays just as well as it looks, and left us wanting more. Come watch some recorded gameplay.

E3 exclusive hands-on: Need for Speed: Payback (PC)

Need for Speed pays you back with a beautiful takedown and then some.

E3 Exclusive: Xbox Conference vlog

Straight from LA, Dawid and David discuss Microsoft's E3 press conference.

E3 2017: Bethesda conference

Bethesda's conference didn't have many secrets, but some pretty cool DLC and new games are on the way this year.

The new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer looks amazing

Four years since it was first shown at E3, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally looking like something real on the horizon.

E3 2017 conference: EA

Everything that happened in EA's press conference, minus the weird influencer stuff.

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