Hands-on: The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame preview

A quick look tells as that LEGO is rocking it again.

Making a memorable villain: Who is Xehanort?

Every great story needs a powerful and memorable villain.

Four things that need to improve on the Switch

The Switch needs some upgrades this year...

The Burning Question: What video game brought you (close) to tears?

Some games will pull at your heartstrings until you break.

Five ways to annoy a gamer

Gaming may be great, but there's still a lot of stuff to get annoyed by.

The Burning Question: What was your perfect era for gaming?

Don't you just wish certain things could change, but other things could stay the same?

Game releases for February – with predictions!

Prepare your Geiger counters and be ready to jump around, February is singing its triumphant anthem.

Five satisfying moments you encounter in gaming

Countless hours spent taking down a boss or scoring the last goal. We all have something that gets us back at it again every time.

The Burning Question: What classic game would you like your child to play?

Modern games are great, but what classic do you want You Jr to play?

What is Kingdom Hearts? A primer

A spoiler-free primer for anyone interested in hopping into Kingdom Hearts.

Hands-on: Far Cry New Dawn

We are back in Hope County, and everything is wilder than last time.

A trip down memory lane – Resident Evil 2

Overcome your fears and survive, once more.

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