E3 2018: Behind closed doors – Shadows: Awakening

Taking the fun of traveling with a party while keeping the speed of a hack-and-slash, this should be on your radar.

Six things that ruffled some feathers at E3 2018

From indignant outrage to um, yeah, there was a lot of anger about E3 this year.

E3 2018: Behind closed doors – Ghosts of Tsushima

Are you a samurai fan? So are the team at Sucker Punch.

E3 2018: Hands-on – Kingdom Hearts 3

We finally get hands-on time with Sora and the boys.

Opinion: Destiny 2: Forsaken looks great, and I’m not happy about it

Because this is the game we should've had from the start.

Three best things that happened on the first day of E3

Day one was a blast. What was your favourite part? Here are ours.

Burning Question: E3 is here! What are you really excited for?

It is time to give our wallets a headsup of what they're in for.

Heroes of the Storm’s Echoes of Alterac brings in Yrel and a Nexus take on Alterac Valley

The Nexus finally brings Warcraft into the fold, with a trip to Alterac Valley and the first Draenei Hero, Yrel.

Game releases for June – With predictions!

The game releases for June are always a little dead due to E3, but this June still wants to take you for a wild ride.

Seven things in games we wish were real

Some could become real, while others are probably a bit far-fetched.

The Burning Question: What is your unpopular gaming opinion?

Do you love a game everyone else hates? Come share your unpopular opinion.

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