The Burning Question: Which game are you most excited for in 2018?

We're in a brand new year with brand new games. Which one has you the most excited?

Opinion: Adding a price tag to 1-2 Switch is the best thing Nintendo ever did

Loving the amazing games on the Switch? Thank 1-2 Switch for that change.

Feature: How to create the games room of your dreams

Have you ever dreamed about your perfect games room? We're here to help with some tips for the day the dream comes true.

Star Wars Battlefront II: Exploring the galaxy

We look at how the planets of Star Wars are faithfully recreated to be movie accurate.

Opinion: Valve’s strong stance against ‘adult games’ is getting worse

Following the recent blocking of a horror game about porn, it finally puts into question Valve's priorities.

Gamercast 20: Retro time with the PS1

Sometimes you need to look at the stuff that came before and how early 3D hasn't aged well, has it?

Video: Five reasons why Battlefront II deserves your time

These are the reasons Dave gets out of bed and hops into a Jedi robe instead of work clothes.

The 7 deadly sins of a gamer

Have you committed the cardinal sins of gaming? Come find out!

The Burning Question: What was your best game of 2017?

It's been a crazy year in gaming and there are so many titles to talk about. Let's have a healthy discussion about some of them. Don't forget your brass knuckles.

SA Gamercast 19 – The low points of 2017

So many bad things happened this year, we had a summary episode about them.

SA Gamer vs Pretoria Mario Kart 8 Challenge

Self-proclaimed masters of Mario Kart 8 arrived to take on SA Gamer for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch. Let's-a-Go!

Star Wars Battlefront II shows us people rather than helmets

The normally faceless stormtroopers get some time in the spotlight. Who are they under those helmets?

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