Five things in games that make no sense, but we (generally) leave them be

As games strive for realism, there are still so many things that are just too fanciful. But they make things fun or easier (for programmers or players).

The Burning Question: Do you have a time hack?

As life's responsibilities pile up, hobby time shrinks. How are you handling that, or do you have a secret solution?

Four great local multiplayer games that’ll get you back on the couch

Grab a friend, a couch and the Switch and have some fun!

The Burning Question: Do you suffer from online gaming anxiety?

Sometimes it can just get a bit much and ruin the experience.

Interview with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey scriptwriter, Daniel Bingham (updated with transcript)

For a big story, you need a lot of words. We chat to one of the people who wrote Odyssey into being.

Five ways to make the perfect open-world game

Open-world games are here to stay, but how can we make them exceptional?

Burning Question: What’s the most ‘arty’ game you’ve played?

Whether it had a particularly striking style, made you think or made you feel, we want to know.

Games releases for October – With predictions!

Westerns, parties, Sokrates, big swords and beautiful cars. October isn't playing around and it's coming for your money, honey.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas hands-on: the Star Fox equation

Starlink might just do a barrel roll right into your heart.

10 iconic guns in videogames

Le pew pew, you're dead.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas interview with lead designer Jesse Knapp

We get to grips with Starlink, and doing things differently than other toys to life games.

The Burning Question: Which superhero do you want to see receive a proper game?

Which person in a silly costume would you want to see in a game that doesn't release with the movie?

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