10 Giant enemies we won’t soon forget

Who says size doesn't matter? Here are some giant enemies that make you feel quite insignificant.

SA Gamercast S2 E2 – The price of gaming

How much should games cost and a whole lot more.

The Burning Question: What is the most excited you’ve ever been for a game or console launch?

We've all had our moments of being so excited that we can't contain ourselves. What was yours?

Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s long sword

If you want to hunt well, you need to need to know how your weapons work.

The Burning Question: Do you like your loot mild or spicy?

Sometimes you just need to loot loot loot.

Six games better today than at launch

Some games just needed a bit more time and work before they reached their full potential. These are some of the games that are a bit better with age and tinkering.

Game releases for February – The month of the re-releases

It's the month of love and supposedly, the month of nostalgia as well.

Burning Question: Which classic are you currently working on?

Sometimes you have to go back and enjoy the classics in-between the current fare.

Five game reboots that got it right

Rebooting a franchise is no easy task, but these games exceeded expectations.

On the Hunt: The Monsters Within

Be careful, thar be dragons.

Burning Question: Have you ever ruined a playthrough of a game?

Sometimes, we can make some bad decisions that turn a game we are liking into a miserable experience.

On the Hunt: Weapons & Armor

Sticks and stones will only get you so far. Time to suit up.

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