The Loss of Us: A look at TLOU2’s themes of grief and how we cope

Cycles of loss and grief, and how they intersect real life.

A deep dive into Revendreth, the realm of the last chance

More to these vampires than meets the eye.

Interview with Mark Healey, creative director at Media Molecule, about Dreams VR

People making their own games, diving into VR and new tricks.

Interview with the creative director of The Elder Scrolls Online, Rich Lambert

Working from home, game balance and players loving Antiquities.

Interview with World of Warcraft art director Ely Cannon

Those mountains are alive, and sculpted purposefully.

The beautiful grind: Building games

Sometimes you just need to settle down and build things.

Game releases for June 2020 – With predictions!

Clickers, grav-bikes and fighting for valor.

We toured the Dark Heart of Skyrim with the devs

A guided tour of Western Skyrim, a land of Nords, vampires and witches.

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