Three hours with Watch Dogs: Legion

We go in search of characters and causes amid a labyrinthine London open-world.

Steve Danuser interview about World of Warcraft, dying in the Shadowlands and opening doors for the future

The soul, death, fleshing out the universe and keeping things familiar for players.

A deep dive into Maldraxxus, the defenders of Death

A realm of eternal conflict and wargames turns on itself.

Prince of Persia Sands of Time remake interview

Dust that sand off, the Prince is back.

Immortals Fenyx Rising hands-on

Imagine if you combined The Legend of Zelda with Assassin’s Creed. How might that be … ?

Interview with Valerie Chu, Hearthstone narrative designer about Book of Heroes

On distilling the story of Jaina Proudmoore down to just eight missions

A deep dive into Ardenweald, the Shadowlands realm of hibernation

A place of beginnings and endings, the winter of Nature's great cycle.

The Loss of Us: A look at TLOU2’s themes of grief and how we cope

Cycles of loss and grief, and how they intersect real life.

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