Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s great sword

Sometimes the best answer is just getting a bigger sword.

The Burning Question: Which is better, SeeD or SOLDIER?

Which side would win, and which would you rather be a member of?

Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s sword and shield

Sometimes you need a proven weapon like the sword and board to keep you company.

Five games that were so good they almost ruined their genre

There are some games out that are almost too good, paragons of their genre.

The Burning Question: What in your opinion is the best game soundtrack ever?

We all love good music, but what is the one game that you regard as the best soundtrack in gaming?

Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s heavy bowgun

Sometimes you just need a bit of range between you and the nasty beasties.

Interview with executive producer Nick Rick about LEGO Incredibles

We talk to Nick Rick about The Incredibles LEGO game, working with Pixar and LEGO and what we have to look forward to.

The Burning Question: PUBG or Fortnite?

Two battle royales land on an island. Only one can leave alive.

Opinion: What’s in your personal Top 5?

From childhood gems to games you just can't put down, we discuss your top 5 games.

6 Reasons you stayed up way too long after your bed time

Sometimes, you end up regretting your life decisions.

Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s switch axe

Sometimes an axe, can also be a sword. Oh and attacking charges a phial for the other form? Yeah, just read the tutorial.

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