The Burning Question: Choose your weapon adventurer, sword or spells?

Sometimes the hardest choice in the game is at level 0 when you create your class. Choose your job wisely.

Five reasons to give up on the tortured fascination with our backlogs

It is time to stop letting this monster have such a hold on us.

The Burning Question: What’s the best platformer of all time?

From Croc to Cuphead, Mario to Meatboy, who is the winner?

Seeing Overwatch League live made me love the game even more

In the Blizzard Arena, dreams are made and fans join together, regardless of which team's jersey they are wearing.

Game releases for July with predictions!

It's another quiet month, but the games don't stop. They never stop.

Five times the World Cup group matches reminded me of games

It's amazing how a game of football can emulate what we experience in games.

Feature: The Crew 2, a game filled with diversity

Cars, bikes, boats, planes - it's got it all

The Burning Question: Do you watch streams or videos instead of playing a game?

Is picking up the controller or keyboard too much effort? Do you let someone else rather play for you?

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