E3 Prediction Time (and Gerard gets introduced)

Good day everyone, and welcome to the first round of Prediction Time! Prediction Time is a new feature we are using on the site where the writers give their views of things that may or may not happen. It could be around anything gaming related and we totally want you to join in on the predictions in the comments section. I also want to take this opportunity to introduce you all to Gerard . Gerard ...

What game pushed each console to its limits? (Part 1 of 5)

We all just about lose our heads when we receive bits of ‘next generation’ console news towards the end of a current console cycle. And for good reason, at that stage the previous generation strains under the pressure to keep up with the PC format (yes, I know), as that gradually grows and improves when it comes to hardware. Question is: What game pushed the various consoles to their l...

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