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The Gamers Den – What is your shameful gaming confession?

This episode of The Gamers Den is a shameful one. Mainly because Jarred has still not got to a classic Rockstar game. Special guest Graeme Selvin, local Xbox PR, joins us on the show and tells us about his hall of shame. Garth? Oh, he’s not played a certain game that will have all of you stone him . It was nice knowing Garth. He said Dawid can have all his consoles and games. Talking about D...

The Gamers Den – What game has made you the most angry or rage quit?

Here at SA Gamer we’re all human beings who also, at times, have trouble controlling our emotions. In this episode we look at games that make us exceptionally angry. Garth tells Dawid how he swears at him in online Mario Kart games, David blames lag for his outrage, Dawid breaks hardware when the AI is  “unfair” and there’s a very, VERY unhappy Wookiee on the show who share...

The Gamers Den – What did you think of the Destiny Beta?

Can you believe that that Destiny Beta is already over? I won’t lie, the team is pretty bummed that we can’t go home to play it tonight. Saying that, it was a stupid amount of fun and we simply had to yap about it all. Devon Stanton, from Megarom, joins us in our discussion as we all virtually drool about anything and everything that involved the Destiny Beta. Jarred tells us about his...

Gamers Den – Has a game ever made you cry?

In this episode of The Gamers Den we bring out our softer side. We’re talking about games that made us weep giant tears. Garth, being the German that he is, can’t think of anything. He’s one of those manly men who don’t shed tears, except when it’s a horrible title he’s playing for review. Jarred cries early on in a game like a little girl. David sees waterworks...

The Gamers Den – What game got you into gaming?

There’s always that ONE game that ended up dragging you screaming and kicking into the gaming world. The one game that had you slip out of bed while your parents were asleep to get in some extra gaming time. What was the game that made you realise that you’re a little addicted to this thing called games? Garth goes so far back in time that we saw his hair turning grey in real-time, Jar...

The Gamers Den – We discuss game burnout

We’re just about sure that most of you experienced a case of game burnout at some point in your life. We went through it and decided to share our thoughts behind a very real scenario that happens to just about all gamers. Jarred talk about not playing any games for months (blasphemy), Garth discussed some racing game called Burnout and David… not even great graphics can remove the sens...

The Gamers Den – We look at what’s wrong with the Japanese developers

The Japanese industry has been under some pressure of late to perform with even Capcom struggling under the weight. Today the panel discusses the situation and what the solution to the problem might be. Jarred stands up for Nintendo, Garth stands up for human rights and David… he’s still trying to figure out what the word ‘Japanese’ actually means. Oh, we’ve also upgr...

The Gamers Den – We discuss all the negativity after E3

In this Episode on the Gamers Den we’re all rather amazed at some of the negativity that’s come out of E3 from both gamers and journos. Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and Nintendo all delivered on games (yes, we left EA out of that sentence – you can throw stones), so what is there to bitch about? Apparently lots. We also take this time to formally introduce one of our new members on t...

The Gamers Den – We rate the E3 media briefings

Can you believe that it’s now a week ago that we all lost our minds and stayed up until the early hours of the morning to watch E3? Unlike days of old we have no more Lucy Longhurst (Cybernet) to help us through the sitting with her soothing voice. Therefore you’ll have to do with our MANLY voices. Here’s how we rated the briefings:

The Gamers Den – We praise the Sony conference

You know when a Gamers Den episode comes around it’s not all cute and fluffy, but in this episode we can just about see Jarred running and jumping like a ballerina as we get stuck into the Sony E3 conference. David is first out the blocks as we’re talking about Uncharted 4’s graphics and Garth is wondering where Mario might be.

The Gamers Den – There’s a divide on the Nintendo conference

When there’s a Nintendo conference you should know that Garth will defend it to the bitter end. After the showing he’s happy, but expected a bit more. Jarred pulls out all his troll moves in his book and David is fast asleep. Things can only get better from here right?

The Gamers Den – We b!tch about the EA E3 conference

If you missed out on our Xbox E3 conference discussion you should check it out here. Today however we’re looking at the EA conference. David hides his face behind a Stormtrooper helmet, as we see giant tears rolling down his neck. Jarred thinks we’re in some kind of formal conference and Garth? He’s excited about Bruce Lee’s… package.

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