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The Gamers Den – We discuss and match the Ubisoft conference

We’ve upped (or lowered, depending on which side of the fence you are on) our game to match up with @#@%$ everything Ubisoft threw at us in their E3 conference. Jarred has already pre-ordered Shape Up and Garth is planning his new Just Dance moves. David… actually… we’ve not heard from David since that evening. We think he’s still processing the Rainbox Six: The Siege...

The Gamers Den – We discuss the Microsoft E3 conference

Was E3 something special or what? This year is likely one of the best years at E3 in a very long time. We will be discussing all the conferences over the next three days, whereby we analyze each conference. Today we’re discussing the Xbox conference and for some bizarre reason we’re all agreeing. We obviously did not have enough beer leading up to the recording. We’ll fix that in...

The Gamer’s Den – We discuss the pricing of games

Yes, it’s a hot topic. Just recently the pricing of games shot through the roof. We discuss the current situation around it, as well a how remastered and digital games affect your way of buying. Later in the show David shows of his 486 for the world to see. Don’t miss this episode!

The Gamers Den – We discuss more pre-E3… lots of it!

Only a few days to go people! It’s NEARLY E3 time. Yes, we’re still discussing E3 and it’s a rather long show (sorry, we tried to keep it to 10 minutes but – Devon. That Devon.) Anyway, he joins us once again and provides us all interesting details in regards to E3.  We chat about EA, Ubisoft and some of the other conference that takes place at E3 outside of the big three (...

The Gamers Den – We discuss E3… and we’re looking at the wrong camera.

As it’s the week leading up to E3 we’ve got a show covering what we hope to see. Keep in mind that this was recorded a while ago, so some of the games, such as Mortal Kombat X, has already been revealed. What makes this week special is that we have a guest on our show. Devon Stanton from Megarom joins us to give us his thoughts on what he expects to see at E3. One of our cameras died a...

The Gamers Den – Introduction

Welcome to the Gamers Den! Join us every week as we host a show discussing various topics making news in the industry. Below is an introduction of what to expect from future shows, so be sure check back tomorrow as we’ll have our first episode where we will be discussing E3. We share our thoughts, hopes and predictions on the show.

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