Gamescom 2017

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best strategy game

The best armies, soldiers and uh, Rabbids, need a good commander.

Hands-on at Gamescom: Jengo (PC)

A point and click adventure that will make you laugh.

Hands-on at Gamescom: Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)

I whip my cap back and forth, I whip my cap back and forth.

Hands-on at Gamescom – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (PS4)

It feels like some of the LEGO bricks still need to be firmly pressed together on this build.

Hands on at Gamescom: The Evil Within 2 (PC with Xbox controls)

Sebastian Castellanos is back and ready to dive back into the crazy in order to save his little girl. But will the rest of us be ready?

Hands on at Gamescom: Metal Gear Survive (Xbox One X)

Now both Metal Gear fanatics have given Metal Gear Survive a try and come out smiling. Time to pay attention to it, right?

Hands on at Gamescom – Middle Earth: Shadow of War (Xbox One X)

We fight a Balrog and take on a fort in Shadow of War.

Gamescom: Watch Project Cars 2 flex its horse power

Get ready for a treat, Project CARS 2 looks spectacular.

Anno 1800 brings the Victorian-era to Gamescom

We get a sneak peek at the next city building, business management sim from Ubisoft Blue Byte.

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