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Project Ebon Blade at BlizzCon 2018

When all of your heroes become death knights, you know the armour is going to look amazing.

Revenant Kingdoms DLC revealed for Ni No Kuni II

Tell me Evan, what do you think of my labyrinth?

Closet cosplays and how to put them together

Closet Cosplays save you when you decide last-minute that you'd like to cosplay a week before the event. I'll help you put one together.

A few more screenshots to show off the beauty that is Red Dead Redemption 2

Take a ride on the wild side with these superb screenshots.

Art from Inkopolis – Octo Expansion concept art

Concept design and artwork colours the furture of Splatoon 2...

Update: Looks like Star Wars Battlefront could be something special

Update: The first two images have been leaked and it’s looking absolutely astounding. Click on the images below to see it enlarged in all its glory. Rumour also has it that it’ll release on 18 November for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Now the reveal trailer just needs to hurry up. To confirm that this is indeed the real thing the lead level designer took to Twitter: I'm going to answer a ...

Mugabe meme invades video games

After the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, fell down the stairs at Harare International Airport the memes have come in thick and fast. We thought we’d take a shot at him invading the video games world, so we’ve worked on the below images. Be sure to post any of yours in the comments below. If you have a brilliant concept, but don’t have the skillz, let us know. We’re h...

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