Play a lethal game of hide and seek with friends in Prey’s Typhon Hunter update

Pray that your friends aren't good at hiding and hunting you down.

Some Smash players received a noise complaint and the cops ended up playing with them

Get a noise complaint, end up playing Smash with the police. There can't be a better outcome.

Stardew Valley multiplayer coming to the Switch today

Communal farming on the Switch now available.

Console Warframe players can now all lift together

Cold, the air and water flowing. Hard, the land we call our home. Push, to keep the dark from coming. Feel the weight of what we owe.

Sonic Movie’s first look is a little… creepy?

If you're gonna run away, you better be quick.

Street Fighter V is experimenting with optional ads in the game

Because what's a fighting match without copious amounts of advertisements?

Super Meat Boy Forever gets release date, won’t appear on Steam

You can play with your meat pretty early next year.

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