Kingdom Hearts 3 gets Critical Mode difficulty today

Bring us your toughest fighters.

Ubisoft donates to Notre-Dame restoration

Gaming companies giving back.

The PS5’s price has been described as ‘appealing’

We got no confirmation, but we at least have something.

New Overwatch Archives Event: Storm Rising brings a storm

Sorry, you don't get to ride the bike.

Neil Druckmann confirms The Last of Us Part II’s final scene has been shot

Naughty Dog is nearly done with their next epic bit of storytelling.

The Witcher Netflix series will launch at the end of this year

The White Wolf will soon slay monsters on the not-so-silver screen.

The Division 2’s raid is delayed into May

A delay to allow for more testing and fine-tuning.

A Superbug is heading straight to Two Point Hospital in a new update

Some situations require a little help from your friends.

Hack and slash adventure game Ninja Gaiden II gets enhanced on Xbox One

Ryu Hayabusy will be slicing and dicing foes at higher resolutions as it gets added to the list of backward compatible games.

Sony does indeed have a stricter policy on sexual content on PS4

When Devil May Cry 5 launched a little over a month ago, fans quickly realised that the PS4 version of the game had some censoring when it came to sexual content than it’s Xbox One and PC counterparts. People started speculating that Sony might have implemented a strict new policy in regards to sexual content, and it seems the speculations were spot on. In a report by Kotaku, a spokesperson ...

Microsoft introduces Game Pass Ultimate

Get a discount when combining your Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Gold Live subscription

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