Call of Duty: WWII will get 4K versions on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

If you have (or plan on getting) the beefier console versions, prepare for 4K 60FPS.

Monster Hunter is ready for the big game in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Monster Hunter hunts monsters, and kicks butt in MvC Infinite.

Suda 51’s 25th Ward unleashes on English speakers in 2018

Suda's long forgotten sequel to The Silver Case finally brings the lunacy westward 13 years later.

Kids, welcome to the Pokémon Playhouse!

This is aimed at little kids, but we know at least one adult that will be playing this.

It’s time to celebrate the equinox in Pokémon GO

Get ready for special 2km eggs at PokéStops.

Brendan Greene would love to add single player to PUBG, but no plans for it yet

No plans in place for a single player campaign yet, but the idea wasn't dismissed.

Mario 64 online mod targeted by copyright strikes

Nintendo goes after videos relating to Mario 64 Online in another move against fan modders.

Video: Need for Speed: Payback running on PC at 4K is glorious

Need for Speed: Payback hit's the NOS button in 4K.

Vampyr gets delayed to 2018 due to technical issue

Seems our Vampyr needs a bit longer in its coffin.

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