The iconic xenomorphs from outer space will be gracing our games library again in the future

The Alien franchise has another game in the works to scare the living crap out of us yet again.

Soon we head back to Egypt for a museum tour and onto Sinai

From guided tours of Egypt to killing undead pharaohs, it seems Bayek still has a lot to do.

God of War’s Stone Mason Edition includes a very manly statue

Want a burly man in a beard along with his son to grace your shelf? You might just be in luck.

Take a look at the spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld

Get ready to head underground for a massive dungeon crawl.

Yakuza 6’s new minigame trailer unleashes all the updated distractions

Yakuza 6 will be upping its minigames and there is a lot to be squealing about.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launch trailer explains this whole multiple version thing

Sometimes you need a video to explain what is going on in a video game's release.

A primer on the new features of Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall expansion

Civilization VI has already made me regret playing into the small hours of the morning, saying “one more turn”, and it doesn’t look like it plans on stopping this anytime soon.  The expansion for the game, Rise and Fall, adds gold ages and dark ages and makes your game have a sense of history and meaning as you pass through the various eras. For example, every era will have a sco...

Beholder now available on the PS4

Become Big Brother and watch your tenants.

Here are the new changes to Star Wars Battlefront II in patch 1.1

The crack TIE pilot can finally fly a TIE in multiplayer.

Night in the Woods brings emotional delinquency to Switch soon

The gang of reprobates are coming to a portable console real soon.

The spiritual successor to Theme Hospital is finally happening

Finally, someone is making a successor to Theme Hospital.

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