The dino tamer survival game is coming to Nintendo Switch

Fancy a T-Rex ride on the go? Wildcard's got you covered.

Old school Tomb Raider remasters were scrapped by Square Enix

Fans tried to remaster the classic Tomb Raider games, but Square Enix wanted none of it.

Indies smile as ID@Xbox has made $1 billion in five years

$1 billion in revenue and over four billion hours of play time.

Elder Scrolls Online is heading to Summerset

At least the other Elder Scrolls game is going places, right?

New Overwatch hero Brigitte now playable

The tankiest support hero to date is on the front lines now.

Sims creator is back after a decade to make a mobile game about your life

Is going into the mobile market the Wright thing to do?

Epic Games is giving away almost $12-million worth of Paragon assets

In the wake of Paragon's death, Epic games is cutting up the body and giving it to everyone.

Fortnite is already the fourth highest grossing app on iOS

Fortnite is getting a lot of screen time on iOS devices. And money.

PUBG mobile is now live for iOS and Android

Time for some takeaway chicken.

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