Tracer is baking us cake for Overwatch’s anniversary

Time to Trace & Bake and celebrate two years of Overwatch.

PUBG’s PC player count has halved in five months

After reaching a massive player base, numbers are dropping.

Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 will be remastered for the PS4

Nani!? Soon you'll be able to play the entire series on the PS4.

No campaign? Less than 10% of players finished Black Ops 3’s single-player

No single-player? Not what the players want, according to achievements.

Alola Pokémon GO players – Alolan Pokémon coming soon

Who needs gen four, right? Let's skip to gen seven.

Sonic Racing Game Edging Closer

The Blue Blur is coming into focus soon...

Black Ops 4 will not be heading to the Switch, after all

Black Ops 4 keeps its boots on the ground to what works.

You can now link your Xbox account to Discord

See what your Xbox friends are up to in your Discord app.

Look at the Final Fantasy Tactics sequel that was cancelled

The Final Fantasy Tactics you wished you had...

Days Gone will be pushing the PS4 to its limits, according to developer

Because putting that many zombies on the screen will definitely require some processing power.

PUBG Miramar map to launch 24 May on Xbox One

Xbox One PUBG players are going to bite the dust.

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