Despite not being out, Skull & Bones is getting a TV series

Yo ho ho, want to Netflix and plunder?

Anthem’s day one patch is live already

A host of changes, and a soothing balm if you have the game on a spinning disk.

Things are getting Strangerville, population us, in The Sims 4

There's something strange in your neighbourhood.

Darkest Dungeon 2 announced, promises to be even more horrifying

Brigands have the run of these lanes. Keep to the side path; the Hamlet is just ahead.

Square Enix financial forecast alludes to another big game launch in 2019

The Avengers game? Final Fantasy VII Remake? We'll take both.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is getting its final Special Ops update next week

Ubisoft continues to add to the game, even two years down the line.

Google will be having a gaming keynote at GDC 2019

Hey Google... mark March 19 on my calendar. The gaming world may be about to change.

Darksiders 3 performed ‘within expectations’ for THQ and is still a key IP

Despite the game's reception being a little apocalyptic, it still performed just fine.

Apex Construct got mistaken for Apex Legends, gets 4000% more interest

It's rare that mistaken identity becomes profitable.

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