System Shock reboot on break after getting ‘out of control’

Another Kickstarter project hits a rocky patch on the path to success.

CD Projekt RED co-founder thinks the whole loot crate debacle is a good thing

Because they're the developer we deserve, and the hero we need right now.

Video: Mitsurugi flaunts his moves in Soul Calibur VI showcase

Like tea and biscuits or coffee and doughnuts. The just can't have Soul Calibur without this guy.

THQ Nordic acquires Koch Media

Dead Island, Saints Row and Metro have been picked up by the Austrians.

Swery has a new game up his sleeve, The Missing

Swery is up to something (again). Something weird (again).

Nintendo Labo Update will make you get it for your kids and you’ll wanna play too

Make. Play. Discover. It seems Nintendo really means it. Creativity set to maximum!

Come join our 2018 Super Rugby Superbru competition!

Think you know your game of rugby? Come join our pool!

Livestream: TGIF ladies and gentlemen let’s kick off the weekend

It's time for some sneaky weekend Chicken Lunches.

PUBG active user numbers in decline because cheaters suck

The number of people hunting for KFC in the wild is on the decline.

Latest BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle character introduction trailer shows off what the DLC has in store

Platinum the Trinity, Orie Ballardiae and Kanji Tatsumi join the fray.

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