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One Piece: World Seeker release date sails into 2019

Just think of One Piece: World Seeker's delay as the parts in an anime where they add filler because the manga needed some time. That's what Bandai's doing!

This Land Is My Land is a frontier story from the Native American’s perspective

Finally, a game that tells the story from the other side. The new game from Game-Labs, This Land Is My Land, promises to be an interesting ride.

Video: Dual Universe looks to be taking on No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is out in just about 3 weeks and everyone is getting really excited to start naming planets and strange creatures as they explore the massive universe. It looks like No Man’s Sky might have a little competition when it comes to space exploration in the form of Dual Universe. Dual Universe is an open world game that also lets you explore the ever expanding reaches of space,...

Video: Grand Theft Auto 5 Redux is the graphics mod we have been waiting for

If you have played Grand Theft Auto V on PC you will know that it a very good-looking game indeed. Us graphics whores call it the definitive version due to its 60 FPS and increased draw distance. However one of the best reasons to get GTA 5 on PC is the mods that people come up with to further push the visual boundaries. Well it looks like that mod has finally arrived in the form of the Redux mod,...

Giant mechs coming to Just Cause 3

For those of you that have played Just Cause 3 you will know that it is all-out mayhem. How do you take the intensity to the next level through? Well, its simple, you add mechs via DLC. In the second DLC pack for Just Cause 3 you will be able to use mechs to deal out the destruction as of June 3rd if you are an expansion pass holder. Otherwise you will have to wait till June 10th to get your mech ...

Tokyo 42 combines Syndicate and GTA with charm

Did you play Syndicate back in the day? No I am not talking about that odd break from tradition to make an FPS, but the older isometric view Syndicate. If you did, the idea of a “lovechild of Syndicate and GTA 1.” will get you really excited. This will be SMAC Games’ debut title, called Tokyo 42 and it just screams “buy me”, to me at least. You can rain bullets of you...

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