Opinion: We’re living in a golden era in gaming – enjoy it

Gaming is still not perfect, but we've reached a fantastic era in this industry

Opinion: Why is ‘mobile’ such a bad word?

Whisper the word "mobile" and chaos ensues. Why is that?

A GTA 6 while Trump is still president would be too volatile

America is so strange right now, the satire would look like the real place.

The cosplays of rAge Expo 2018

Take a gander at some of the cosplays on Sunday of rAge 2018!

Opinion: Next generation consoles will be expensive – please build your bridge now

New shiny things are expensive, believe it or not. Time to start saving now.

Cloud saves not enabled on all games to ensure fair play. Really, Nintendo?

As Franky almost said: They're doing it their way...

Reddit is mad about Riot’s decision to exclude men from an event at PAX West

More drama, thanks to Reddit, in the world of Riot and its attempts to include women and non-binary people in the conversation.

Opinion: The industry is realising that the time for greed is over

Our voices are starting to be heard and the tides are changing.

My love-hate relationship with Bloodborne, and going through the streets of Yharnam again

Finding love in the dark and then getting killed. Welcome back to Yharnam.

Mario Tennis Aces gets big update, but can you play online in SA yet?

Updates are great, now if only you could find someone to play with.

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