Blizzard opens pre-orders for Snowball replica

Oh, did we mention it actually floats?

Preview: Descenders (Xbox One X)

Descend on what could be one of the best mountain bike experiences yet.

Far Cry 5 preview – They hanged her in Montana

Something evil is growing in the heart of Montana.

Preview: Far Cry 5 – Arcade Mode hands-on

Get ready to build maps with assets from other Ubisoft titles.

Preview: Far Cry 5 – Interview with executive producer Dan Hay

A few minutes on what makes Far Cry 5 tick and what Joseph Seed is all about.

Preview: Far Cry 5 – Multiplayer hands-on

Playing the whole game in co-op means Dave activating full stealth mode (grenades first).

Preview: Far Cry 5 – Single-player hands-on

More organic exploration and an enemy you will love to hate all wait in Hope County.

Preview: First five hours of PUBG on Xbox One

There I sat at the table waiting to carve into that chicken dinner. And it stutters as I carve.

Preview: Civilization VI (PC)

It keeps me up at night. The glow of my screen as I plan my next turn. Then the one after that, and another. Then I discover something new, something that requires immediate reaction. A war breaks out, and I must defend my cities. Now it is 2AM and oops, I hit that next turn button. Civilization VI feels fresh but familiar, thanks to a whole new way to build and manage cities, how culture works an...

Preview: Until Dawn: Horror in the mountains

It all starts, like most horror movies would, with a group of friends in a secluded place. In an absolutely massive log cabin built in the snowy mountains, eight friends quickly watch their idyllic getaway turn into a nightmare. In the middle of a cold night in a place with no cellular reception, with no quick route to help, you have no choice but to try your best to survive Until Dawn. Last week ...

Everything you need to know about Destiny’s Prison of Elders

Bungie has got some serious work to do if they want to keep their 10-year Destiny plan going. The Prison of Elders is their latest take on the whole first person shooter, MMO story, and it seems like it is going to be more than just a simple arena mode. What is the Prison of Elders? The Prison of Elders is a 3-player horde mode, in this mode you will face off against 5 waves of enemies to gain leg...

8 Big Changes Coming to Destiny

Destiny: House of Wolves is around the corner, and I am pretty excited to get back into it and blow some stuff up with my Gjallarhorn. But things might not be the same anymore as House of Wolves expansion brings along a ton a new features and changes to PvP, PvE, character progression, and exploration. Here are 8 things that will change the way you play the game 1. No matchmaking for Trials of Osi...

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