Hearthstone: Tombs of Terror Q&A with Dave Kosak and Alec Dawson

Chatting about bosses with persistent health pools, dual-class heroes, recent nerfs and more.

Heroes of the Storm’s Echoes of Alterac brings in Yrel and a Nexus take on Alterac Valley

The Nexus finally brings Warcraft into the fold, with a trip to Alterac Valley and the first Draenei Hero, Yrel.

Meet gamemissy, she probably has more Platinum trophies than you have Gold ones


The heart of SA Gamer has always been our forum. There are numerous wanderers of the interwebz who show up there and chat about who knows what. One such person I spotted a long time ago was gamemissy (a South African), otherwise known as Adele du Plessis. I always had this thought that I was one of the best Wipeout HD players in South Africa, as I have this massive love for the franchise (and that...

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