Rumour: Microsoft set to buy Obsidian Entertainment

Microsoft is making big moves for its next console generation.

Rumour: Nintendo to release a new version of the Switch in 2019

Expect an improved display to the already impressive console.

Rumour: Video footage has leaked for an unannounced Harry Potter game

And more details about the game than you can shake a stick er wand at.

Rumour: New Rocksteady game may be based on the Justice League

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope - it's a whole team of Supers.

Has the new Yoshi game title been accidentally revealed?

Links on Nintendo's website seem to inadvertently announce Yoshi game title...

Rumour: New Super Mario Bros. U also coming to the Switch?

Even Mario is jumping from the WiiU over to the Switch...

Rumour: Xbox’s next-gen console may include streaming only box

Scarlett is not just a pretty face anymore... could two Xbox consoles be on the way?

Rumour: Microsoft and Razer are working on keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One

Keyboard and mouse support could soon be a reality on the Xbox One.

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