A Superbug is heading straight to Two Point Hospital in a new update

Some situations require a little help from your friends.

Things are getting Strangerville, population us, in The Sims 4

There's something strange in your neighbourhood.

Finally, a cure for Cold Shoulder in Two Point Hospital’s new Bigfoot DLC

Bigfoot finally adds that festive-feel that was so obviously missing from the game.

Surgeon Simulator CPR is heading to the Switch next week

Have fun with the new Surgeon Simulator on the Nintendo Switch. Get friends to join with local co-op, and enjoy the chaos!

King of Kong Billy Mitchell’s records removed

Twin Galaxies strikes arcade video game legend's scores from the leaderboards...

200,000 poor little virtual people die in Cities: Skylines sewage tsunami

My wife plays The Sims a lot, so I have a good idea of how mean the gods of simulation games are to their creations and subjects. People get left to drown in pools, while others get locked in a basement, their sole purpose in life to make artworks to be sold by the rest of the family, who live in decadence upstairs. If you think that sounds like a mean thing to do to your little simulation people,...

Time to celebrate! Farming Simulator 17 announced for PC, PS4 and XB1

If there is one game the SA Gamer crew fight over to review every year it’s Farming Simulator [Ed – I’m feeling kind this year. You can have it Dave]. So you can imagine how happy we were to hear that Farming Simulator 17 will be coming to PC, PS4 and XB1. You might be thinking to yourself when the release date might be so you can rush the store on day 1. Well sadly there is no r...

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