Days Gone delayed to April 2019

Many more days will have come and gone before you get to play it.

You know what it is, it’s SALES time!

Empty your wallets, empty your hearts.

Five things in games that make no sense, but we (generally) leave them be

As games strive for realism, there are still so many things that are just too fanciful. But they make things fun or easier (for programmers or players).

Sean Bean is Elusive Target #1 in Hitman 2

Sean Bean has got to die (and stay dead).

Event: Splatoon 2 Primary School Tournament – KZN

This first of its kind tournament shows a bright future for esports, and Nintendo, in South Africa. The day was an enjoyable and riveting experience for all those involved.

Watch the gritty, emotional and action packed trailer of Battlefield V’s single-player experience

Boots on the ground, aerial battles, armored vehicle chaos and more showcased in DICE's new trailer for Battlefield V.

The Burning Question: Do you have a time hack?

As life's responsibilities pile up, hobby time shrinks. How are you handling that, or do you have a secret solution?

Thanks to Yakuza sales, Sega wants more simultaneous international releases

Thanks to Atlus (and Kiryu-chan) for great localisation efforts and strong sales, we should see smaller gaps between Japanese and International release dates.

Epic to sue two YouTubers that sell cheats to Fortnite players

If you're gonna cheat, you're gonna get shut down.

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