Video: Let’s play a story mission in Battlefront II

We head to Naboo for some aggressive negotiations with Leia.

The timeline of Star Wars Battlefront II

See where Battlefront II sits in relation to the movies.

Feature: How to create the games room of your dreams

Have you ever dreamed about your perfect games room? We're here to help with some tips for the day the dream comes true.

Star Wars Battlefront II: Exploring the galaxy

We look at how the planets of Star Wars are faithfully recreated to be movie accurate.

Video: Five reasons why Battlefront II deserves your time

These are the reasons Dave gets out of bed and hops into a Jedi robe instead of work clothes.

Star Wars Battlefront II shows us people rather than helmets

The normally faceless stormtroopers get some time in the spotlight. Who are they under those helmets?

Video: Let’s look at the game modes in Battlefront II

Wait, you mean there is something else in here besides the single-player?

Five cybersmart video game characters

Five characters in video games who won't easily be scammed.

Livestream: Buckle up for some Assassin’s Creed: Origins

It is kinda still back to school Wednesday because we are learning about ancient Egypt today.

Video: The Fox Hole: Episode 7 – Grand prize giveaway

Want to win an some Call of Duty WWII swag? Of course you do.

Video: The Fox Hole Episode 6 – Historical accuracy

Private Kozlowski is back in his Fox Hole to save humanity from themselves

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