Dante: The evolution of a demon-slayer

An iconic demon-slayer, a handsome devil and the embodiment of style. How did he come to be?

Making a memorable villain: Who is Xehanort?

Every great story needs a powerful and memorable villain.

What is Kingdom Hearts? A primer

A spoiler-free primer for anyone interested in hopping into Kingdom Hearts.

A trip down memory lane – Resident Evil 2

Overcome your fears and survive, once more.

How Spider-Man’s fluid movement makes his superhuman-agility come to life

The magic of smooth movement, clever transitions and speed makes Spider-Man come to life.

Going on a road trip? Here are the gaming tech essentials you need

Road trips are fun, but with the right gaming tech, they are even better.

Feature: The Crew 2, a game filled with diversity

Cars, bikes, boats, planes - it's got it all

God of War: The Norse myths we hope to kill err meet

God of War has jumped from the Greek pantheon to the Norse, so it is time to brush up on some lore.

Video: Farcry 5 blooper reel

Script? Where we are going we don't need scripts.

Video: Take a look at the Far Cry 5 co-op and arcade mode

Want to win stuff? Want to know more about arcade and co-op, or just like hillbilly Dave?

MSI Memory Try It! boosts PUBG performance so you get more chicken

Sometimes you need to push your PC a bit harder if you want that chicken dinner.

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