Tabletop Tuesday: Santorini

Build a beautiful city with the help of some Greek gods.

Tabletop Tuesday: Photosynthesis

You don't need green fingers to love this board game.

A Superbug is heading straight to Two Point Hospital in a new update

Some situations require a little help from your friends.

Control levitates to you on 27 August

You'll get to play with telekinesis and telepathic abilities in five months.

Keep your love for Battletech burning with the new expansion, Flashpoint

I dig giant robots, you dig giant robots, chicks dig giant robots, so what's not to love about Battletech?

THQ Nordic acquires more IPs, this time it’s Alone in the Dark and Act of War

THQ Nordic is buyng up IPs like they're going out of fashion, but what on earth are they planning?

Speedrunner ‘Beats’ Fallout 3 in Under 19 Minutes

The world of speedruns is a fascinating one, to see people complete lengthy games in mere minutes is completely mind boggling. Now, a speedrunner by the name of Rydou has managed to complete Fallout 3 in exactly 18 minutes and 53 seconds. Let that sink in. If you’ve played Fallout 3 then you’ll know the game is roughly 30 – 40 hours to complete, so how on Earth did he manage to f...

Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth preview

A new day dawns on a planet devoid of human intervention. Then we arrive! Woe be the aliens, humanity has traversed the cold space between stars to ruin other worlds. I take a look at preview code and note some of the important features and changes from previous Civilization games. Why only some? Well, mostly because detailing too much would result in a book, rather than a preview. So read on abou...

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