Critical Role Kickstarter campaign raises $4 million in 24 hours

Their Kickstarter campaign seems to be a critical hit!

Heal the world with Overwatch’s new hero Baptiste – Coming Soon

On the run from Talon, this combat medic brings the hurt as easily as he heals it.

Things are getting Strangerville, population us, in The Sims 4

There's something strange in your neighbourhood.

Episode Ardyn wraps up Final Fantasy XV in March

The story ends here, with the villain.

Close to the Sun will get your waxy veins flowing in its new announcement trailer

It reminds us very much of Bioshock, which can't be a bad thing

The Wild Eight will finally launch in 2019

Prepare for things to get wild early next year

Skating is for the fowls in SkateBird

Tony Hawk? No, Tony is a much smaller bird than that.

Keep your love for Battletech burning with the new expansion, Flashpoint

I dig giant robots, you dig giant robots, chicks dig giant robots, so what's not to love about Battletech?

Catch a glimpse of Dusk Diver in debut trailer

A superpower-wielding anime girl fights off Phantoms in Taipei’s Ximending district. Add in a hunky bodyguard, and you're ready to kick some faces in.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Kingdom gets overview trailer

See what lies in store for the mighty warriors you will be commanding in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Kingdom.

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