A quick cosplay guide – Halloween Edition

Don't let your memes stay dreams this Halloween!

This artbook has fans hoping a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster hits in March 2021

An art book about the first three games and their DLCs.

Quarantine cosplay crafts you can do at home

Stay safe at home and keep yourself busy with some creative cosplay crafting ideas.

The marvelous cosplays of C2E2, and SA is its crowning glory

Although there were many outstanding cosplays at C2E2 this year, South Africa still came out on top.

The where what and how of cosplay – Part 3: Tools

Don't know which tools or gadgets to use for cosplay? We'll help you get started!

Tabletop Tuesday: Oath, a Kingdom’s Saga

Fighting, conniving, politics, visions and winning over the populace could lead to victory, but any victory changes future games you play.

Divinity: Original Sin is getting a glorious board game

Once more to Rivellon to beat the baddies.

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